Training at the Swim-by Pond DTA
 (click on thumbnails)                               

                              swim-by pond DTA 

         equipment ready
        Kooly, Taffey & Daisy
                 staked out
                                   full swim-by
    left corner de-cheat drill
    right corner de-cheat drill
                               left pattern blind
                                with diversions
                                   (105 yards)
       middle pattern blind
      diversion water mark  
               (110 yards)  
           right pattern blind
            small creek jump
                   (75 yards)
 "cheaty" casting drill        
        water angle backs 
             handling drill
               tune-up drill
            orange bumpers

                       With the exception of the last three photographs, these are set-ups of drills
                     run by Daisy. She is through swim-by, proofed on another pond, de-cheated,
                         doing lining, diversion drills & pattern blinds plus a balance of marking.
              She will be 12 months old June 10th and will not be running any tests until next year.
                Taffey and Kooly have been using the pond for some drill work (last three photos).
              All three have been using the grassy areas for some fun, drying off walking baseball.