The Kwick Holding Blind(s)


                          The Kwick Holding Blind is 4' X 8'. The fabric is Cordura Denier 500 with a Universal Camo
                          pattern. The fabric is glued in place overlapping the posts and stitched with "The Speedy
                          Stitcher" sewing awl.  Each post has a capped 1" PVC sleeve over the top to make it easier
                          to push the posts into the ground.  Each of the three aluminum poles ( 4' by
" ) have a
                          "flush fitted" and sharpened 10" steel spike attached with metal plumbing straps. 

Magna - link     (great prices - high quality)

                          Total cost = $ 29 (plus free labor) X 2 = $58 for two blinds

                          three yards  66" Cordura Denier 500 fabric - $ 7.25 (including shipping & bought 25 yds
                                              this was the price many years ago
                                              same fabric 2015 is less than $3 a yard
                          because I need it for other "stuff"), six clamps - $ 4.35, PVC (caps & tubing) - $ 1.25,
                          three spikes - $ 2.00, three 4' by
"  aluminum poles - $14.25  
                          note: hard ground ??........use a portable Dewalt drill with a masonry bit

               spike head ground for flush fit on spike
                       sharpened spike and metal straps
                                           Kwick Mini-Holding Blinds
                    Mini-holding blinds were made out of plastic electric fence posts, 500 Dernier Cordura and
                    contact cement & "Speedy Stitcher" sewed selected areas to strengthen. The contact glue
                    is best applied with a small sponge paint brush. When ready, place two painted, semi-dry
                    surfaces together by folding. The total "package" is kind of like wrapping a gift. After folding
                    edges over. Place pieces of board on the "seam" with weights on top until dry.  
                   note: When using two mini's to make one large blind, the opening in the middle is staggered
                            and allows wind to move "through" the double blind "slot" (most wind is not an issue).

                   note:  hard ground ??........use a portable Dewalt drill with a masonry bit

                   note:  a shorter blind can be made by cutting down the plastic electric posts
                                                                    total cost for one = less than $6

(left click on thumbnails)
                                                          "weighting to dry"

    40" tall X 36" wide
                                            "four mini's"
                                       (with two combined)
         "HRC walkups"
    (4 wingers/blinds pod)
   "Three Blinds Nice"
 (four combined mini's
  plus one large blind)
                                            "walkup one"
        "double walkup"
   "water walkup pod"

                   If there is a need to "hide" a winger, a couple of "faux shrubs" (aka Ghilly) would work well.
                   These are made from the same type of electric fence posts above (with a ring in the top).
                   Attached to this ring are several small "hanks" of raffia with a snap in the zip tie holding it
(left click on thumbnails)             

                                                                 "plastic snaps"
       five separate
        with "snaps" 

                                                                             (left click on thumbnails)

                                       "tall Ghilly Shrub"
                                        (electric wire post
                                             plus raffia)
 "Raffia Halo Blind"
       "sans body"

                     Check this link out for tips about making smaller, snapped "hanks" from large bundles of raffia.
                                                                           Working Raffia (link)