Kwick Dry-A-Duck 

                          Placing wet ducks in buckets and trying to dry them out when back home
  has proven way too messy.  I decided to design a duck drying rack.  It had
 to be inexpensive, safe in the field, have a simple "break down" design and
  be easy to store and transport.  Since I have a reputation to maintain -  aka
       "The PVC Guy",  it was a simple call. 
Total cost was about $12.  

  Two " PVC's sections (holes drilled to the size of zip-ties) are cemented
  into T's upsized to 1" PVC. The four legs are cemented together and "free"
   inserted into offset 45 elbows that provide a slight angle for stability. 
                                                                                 Kwick Rack
                                                       A Baker's Dozen of Mallards (room for 17)
                                                                              Zip-tie Hangars
                                                                     Broken Down (five pieces)                                 
                                                                     Fits in Long Pillowcase