Kooly exiting after cold blind
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         July  1  trained a Stoughton early just a beautiful cool morning to train, ran a big Y drill with
                     orange bumpers and Chris throwing - Kooly's marking was terrible, ran a water double
                     and had to handle him to the memory bird, ran one last water double and he did OK,
                     stopped to watch field trial dog training and Kooly ran a very long single which
                     ended up finally crossing the swim-by pond = didn't see the first throw (looked away
                     right when the bumper was thrown), but picked up the mark when he was given a
                     second chance (350+ yards)
                           note: one of those training days that will make most others look much better, one
                                    thing to think about is doing more multiples & challenging him to focus
                           note: set up the 4 wingers for a X-Box drill, charge batteries   
         July 2 day off, walked mile on leash around the "block", OB two sided work
         July 3 trained at Stoughton and did two X-Box marking drills (variation of Y drill) = four Mini-My-
                   Wingers in a pod with two stickmen, all angle tosses back right, in left, back left and in
                   right (four marks each), took a break and ran a Chinese drill on the small pond two set-ups
                   with three blinds in each - theme across and out of pond, past a point and up and over the
                   point ( three to the right with point one and three to the left with point two, finished with
                   three long, fan, clipped winged pigeon downwind cold blinds
                           note: Kooly nailed all eight marks with excellent lines, the Chinese drill had him acting
                                    very slinking into & out of the water, tried beaching the first set and would not get
                                    off until nicked, which made going over the point next more difficult (used attrition
                                    & finally got him over the point to the blind, now his attitude is really bad, but he
                                    leaves ("barely")
                           note: with two blinds left, decided "enough was enough" this has got to be treated as
                                    "lack of effort", so nicked him on the slow go to the water & nicked again him on
                                    the slow return. last blind was much better (with reminders)
                           note: after this drill, did an "on the spot" review of "force to water" ala Evan Graham,
                                    he handled it very well and metamorphosed out of his funk, ran one last extra
                                    cold blind and he was charging in and swimming back hard......what a punk!

                           note: the clipped winged pigeon cold blinds went very well, good initial lines & took
                                    casts, "fun bumper" clipped winged pigeons are awesome
                           note: this was an important training session for Kooly (responded positively to pressure)   
         July 4 trained with Steve at Gallagher's in between rain storms, ran stickmen with real gunner X-Box
                   marking drill (off mound, angled across gravel road with angled strips of cover = nice set-up),
                   Kooly marked 1,2.4 perfectly & small hunt 3rd, finished with long in-line double & blind
                           note: the double was too difficult for Kooly, got to not ask him to do things I'm not sure
                                    about because before running I was looking for a way to make it simpler - got to
                                    resist the "let's try it and see" mentality, noticeable difference in attitude at the line
                                    between the white & black flagged bumpers and the Dokkens used on the double,
                                    did OK on the blind
                           note: need to stick to steady, gradual increase in the degree of difficulty in marks
                                    (structured, clear-cut & no surprises) 
         July 5 UPS "over-nighted" entry to Fox River Valley Retriever Club Senior hunt test this morning, 
                   trained at Gallagher FT Grounds, ran one X-Box drill with primer reports, Steve D. and his son
                   showed up which made doing two doubles easier (no wingers), ran multiple entry/exit water
                   mark as the go bird in a land and water double, then did a land double using clipped winged
                           note: fired fast and did a bang-up job of marking on the X-Box (B & W flagged bumpers
                           note: Kooly ran a perfect line to the tough water mark and then ran very slowly to the go
                                    bird, missing it by about two feet and proceeded to put on a less than enthusiastic,
                                    gunner aided hunt (Dokkens
                           note: came back for the second double with clipped winged pigeons and he ran hard
                                    (totally different dog - live birds!) 
           July 6 day off
           July 7 ran three legged pattern blinds (repeat of cold blinds and a mark from about a week ago)
                     using clipped winged pigeons (335, 210 and 200 yards)
                           note: took excellent initial lines and handled easily to each, Kooly's running blinds
                                    nicely, but still sometimes takes an "over" on an angle back at a distance
           July 8 ran two remote winger doubles at the near alfalfa field, got set-up and then had to drive
                     home to pick-up the transmitter and equipment (five minute drive)
                           note: Kooly completed the first perfectly & ran hard, second - nailed the go bird and
                                    decided to switch early on the memory (whistle....NO!.....cast and his body
                                    language said "Ok, just checking." = again what a punk! 
           July 9 ran two remote winger doubles with clipped winged pigeon across the south pond at
                     Stoughton and again Kooly was looking to make a switch, the doubles were fairly long,
                     but straight forward
                           note: first double was repeated as Kooly's tried to switch on the first go, on the repeat
                                    it seemed he decided to just plain not take the right line, second double had him
                                    squaring the water entry, but knew where the mark was, on the memory he went
                                    to the area of the fall (within five yards) turned and sat, after trying to wait him
                                    for over five minutes I whistled him in a bit and gave him an indirect pressure
                                    correction after which he hunted all over and then suddenly walked right over
                                    and picked the bird up = attitude
                     moved to the bigger technical pond and set-up a delayed poison bird blind, with the blind
                     a lengthy swim  and then across in the middle A lunging sand bar and ending up with a
                     long parallel the shore finish, Kooly's work on the Definitive Casting Drills made this an
                     "easy do"  & he picked up the mark (which had drifted off) 
                           note: this was not what I'd call a stellar day for water multiples and pretty much
                                    eliminates any thoughts of running a derby, more water exposure and singles 
                           note: need to run more & shorter water marks as singles plus work on transitioning
                                    to longer angle entries using pile de-cheating drills
             July 10 hot morning already, trained at Stoughton - ran three straight forward land/water/land
                     remote winger singles across the swim-by pond (two pigeons and a Dokken), then ran a
                     double with memory bird a splashed pigeon in the weeds lengthwise across the point
                           note: using total success as the theme......it went smoothly, with the test next weekend
                                    KISS will be focus this week
             July 11 trained at Hook Lake - double with a blind up the middle, memory bird "cheaty" Dokken
                     from a remote winger off the point into the lily pads and the "go bird" a long, difficult
                     Retrieve-R-Trainer launched over into the edge of the bog, blind was launched before
                     Kooly came to the line, finished with three R-R-T land marks
                           note: 90 high, but truck in the shade, Kooly handles heat very well (must be his name)    

                  go bird to left, memory to the right with the blind up the middle - through patches of large lily pads

            July 12 trained very early at Stoughton (partner no show) left at 5:30 am set-up a water, breaking
                     bird, double plus two singles, since no shooting before 7:30 am Kooly ran two tough water
                     cold blinds first, the double went very well and the first single was off a large mound into the
                     water, then crossing a wide point with a long swim to the mark, the second single repeated
                     the theme of the first (drive across a wide point) but had only a short swim on the other side,
                     finished with two remote winger, clipped winged pigeon, live flyer walkups - Kooly did super
                           note: back home at 9:00 am, driving through the rain coming up from Hurricane Dennis
                                    this was one of the best training days Kooly has ever had 
            July 13 we didn't do a thing today = day off  
            July 14 ran the three long alfalfa field pattern blinds with clipped winged pigeons, Kooly took a
                        initial line on the 335 yard one that took five casts (into the wind) to get back on track. The
                        pigeon flushed when he got there. The second one (at 200+ yards) he lined and the third
                        took one whistle.  All three birds flushed at the end.   Exciting!   review holding blind
                        behavior, measure for new choke chain, charge bark collars & marine battery for truck fan
            July 15 ran the X-box drill, ran the Square Pond water pattern blind which is now a totally different
                        looking blind. The water is so low there is now an early sand bar and near the end a point
                        (none before) to cross over. Ran an extra cold blind straight across and way out away from
                        the bank, finished with the "bang bang" bouncing Dokken no-break drill, review OB and
                        holding blind manners later today  

                                      X-Box Pod (marking drill set-up with remote Mini-My-Wingers & stickmen)

            July 16 attended Fox Valley Retriever Club's AKC hunt test near Horicon, WI and ran Senior
                        Hunter (83 dogs entered & running #31 in one of the two divisions), leave at 7-7:30 am 
                        91 at 10:30 am and sunny, a walk-up which some other dogs were having trouble
                        seeing was anticipated, but Kooly decided to pee on some weeds two steps before
                        the throw = one and only handle used up and a mediocre blind, we were "bleeding"
                        badly. Needed an almost perfect second series. At the line and ready, the live flyer
                        station "looses" the duck which walked out quacking and ran down the shore. We
                        moved to the holding blind, they sluiced the duck and get a dog to retrieve it.  Kooly
                        comes to the line looking for the loose duck and is "jacked". Creeps a bit, but not
                        a problem. Picks up the flyer and swims right by the memory bird to the shore
                        where the loose duck was last seen.  I picked him up (no handle). The only good
                        thing was the lady marshaling let me run early to get back to the pups at home.                    

                                                     Fox Valley Retriever club Senior Hunt test - first series

    July 17-19 took three days off from training  
    July 20 ran some "poorman" marks in between the rain storms
    July 21 day off
    July 22 ran five "poorman" marks and three simple swimming marks at Legend Lakes to cool off, worked
                OB (specifically crisper heeling and sits), walk around the block with Taffey
    July 23 walk around the block with Taffey early evening - too hot
    July 24 high temperature of 95 = run very early or not at all
                day off
    July 25 another brutal day = high "temp" and humidity......nothing to gain = day off
    July 26 8 water singles at Legend Lake
    July 27 day off, very busy litter day 
    July 28-31 Kooly was a total "couch potato"
    Aug  1
walking "poorman" singles alternating with Taffey at Macktown DTA, ran the "middle" pattern blind
                   note: got warm early today
    Aug  2 introduced a 2-dog, remote line X-Box doubles drill to Kooly & Taffey, used stickmen for "handler"
               and "gunner" with place boards for both dogs (used close alfalfa field), followed drill with a 240 yard
               cold blind
                      note: Kooly did the first double fine, but couldn't run past the old fall in the second (repeated it).
                               Both dogs did quite well for the first time, honored, marked and quickly learned the drill
    Aug  3 repeated the drill in a different area of the alfalfa field with stickman at 85 yards, ran 200 yard cold
               blind (new), ran six water marks for conditioning with each dog (did them at the same time - one
               out as the other was returning), tandem OB in the yard finished off the morning training
                      note: Kooly's attitude this morning was tempered by 1) "This a drill. Right? 2) Those are just
                               bumpers. Right?  3) "Doubles? What's a double?"  4) Kind of hot to be training......huh?"
                               What a punk!
                      note: his blind was done very crisply (good job) 
    Aug  4 repeated the drill throwing three doubles - land/land, land/water & water/water and finished with
               difficult water cold blind angle entry, over a point and long swim
                      note: Kooly had good session
    Aug  5 walking doubles and singles with Taffey at the alfalfa field
    Aug  6 singles long & short working on check down marks
    Aug  7 day off, working field trial
    Aug  8 ran eight land singles in rolling terrain using an orange bumper & a check down theme
               (long/short alternating), finished with two cold blinds

                   note: marking was  much better today and ran the blinds super (lined the 2nd one at about 200
                               yds, excellent mo & straight as an arrow! - definitely picking a target in the distance)
    Aug  9 ran eight more singles with orange bumpers 50 - 200 yards in a rolling, short mowed hay fields
               (focus on depth perception & running to the area of the fall), ran two long, new pattern blinds
                      note: Kooly's momentum has improved quite bit and now runs full bore and is extremely fast,
                               "check down" skills are starting to show up
                      note: the emphasis on higher OB standards 24/7 is beginning to show & a the perception of
                               acceptance is appearing (much better attitude)

    Aug  10 went to Bong Rec Area in Wisconsin to 1) see how bad the water is getting from the drought &
                 2) train  ran two X-Box remote line drills and three cold blinds on the gravel pond (which is
                 about three feet lower and less than
  the normal size (easy lunging water), no water in
                 the Stick or Cigar ponds and the two retriever ponds are down at least three feet. Leaving
                 the bank there is a three foot drop to two feet of mud with water starting four feet out in the
                 pond, the water is choked with algae and looks really ugly
                      note: Kooly ran the first X-Box drill & his marking was just OK, the day continued to get
                               worse, the second was mediocre at best & his blinds had some very poor "mo",
                               this all started when he left to go back to the line on "place" in the second X-Box drill,
                               I didn't realize this until Taffey ran hers, but there was a pile of feathers from a freshly
                               killed quail  which caused Kooly to apparently pop, when he stopped on the way back
                               I shouted "PLACE" really loud = Kooly flinched and went right into his "jello" mode
                               (flared sends back & revealed the on going hole in his character - he is still very fragile)
                      note: see notes from yesterday
    Aug 11 day off
    Aug 12 trained Taffey at BT's with Brian, but Kooly did not run (by design)
    Aug 13 trained again a BT's in the dry bed area with Bud and Brian, Kooly ran an HRC double and then
                ran a single with a blind - wingers, decoys, honor and blind up the middle
                      note: Kooly was very good at the line
    Aug 14 trained again with Bud and Brian at Rock Cut Park's DTA and ran a true HRC triple with wingers
                off a bucket with a long, "cheaty" water blind, walked to the area with all the dogs (eight) and they
                were staked out, nice day and overcast
                      note: this was Kooly's first water triple and he handled it very well
                      note: the whole session from walking to the site, staking out and OB work made for a terrific
                               training session, he was focused, intense and yet under control 

    Aug 15 helped Brian train the dogs that are running an HRC test this weekend (Taffey is one) & Kooly spent
                the session in the truck "listening to the action" & that's all!
    Aug 16
 Kooly spent the whole day out in the kennel (inside at night) doing nothing
    Aug 17 Trained with Brain at Todd's - the set-up was a challenging triple (more like an AKC MH test) with
                two tight. long marks and an "over the shoulder" wiper/breaking bird followed with a blind through
                the fall of the "go bird" - Kooly smacked the marks including the long memory bird & took a good
                initial line on the blind, held it well and finished with excellent control................................this was
                one of those "WOW" sessions 
                      note: Kooly's latent talent is beginning to emerge from the smothering blankets of softness
                               and immaturity.
feeling very comfortable at the line and understanding what makes Kooly "tick" turns
                               working with him into a lot of fun (even when things don't go as planned)
    Aug 18 day off in the kennel, heavy rains this morning with over 2" of rain  
    Aug 19 trained at Brian's with group, ran a short HRC breaking bird double, two gunners shooting with an
                honor, took Kooly off the line after "moving" (put him back on the truck & ran him again after a
                few more dogs)
                      note: good correction with perfect conditions
                      note: tightening up his "truck to line" routine & being very specific  
                      note: trained without the e-collar on for about a week now, still needs the bark collar when
                               left alone in the truck
    Aug 20 spent the day with Daisy in the truck at a hunt test - lots of popper fire & near the test  
    Aug 21 day off 
    Aug 22 ran five pattern blinds at Macktown
    Aug 23 ran two remote line X-Box marking drills at BT's (eight marks total) - tough marks in heavy cover
                off the levee
                     note: Kooly's marking is really improving & he had fun with this drill
    Aug 24 ran three walking singles
    Aug 25 ran a tough, remote winger triple with blind up the middle at BT's
                     note: the memory bird was long with a hundred yards of waist high cover and a terrain
                              change - Kooly is counting to three very well and "jumping" on his marks
                     note: need to "tab" him and correct for a slight creep
    Aug 26 ran four remote line walking water singles (alternating with Taffey) at Stoughton (middle pond)
                ran a tune-up drill in a small bay in the north pond                

                                      tune-up drill to work on initial lines, review cheating and sharpen handling

   Aug 27 day off
   Aug 28 trained at Gallagher's, ran a remote winger water double as a breaking drill (used choker
               and tab), Kooly was taken off line five times and place on a tie-out while Taffey picked up
               "his" mark, the sixth go he never moved and exploded off the line
                          note: Kooly is not totally converted and this needs more work (some head-way made)  
                                   AKC Senior hunt test next weekend
  Aug 29 day off
  Aug 30 train with Brian & Chad at Gallagher FT grounds - ran three cheating singles in first set-up, ran
              two longer cheating singles and an even longer channel blind
                          note: with the exception of the longest mark Kooly did a decent job
              ran a short pile drill to work on a square facing sit on blinds
                          note: the drill showed that he knows what he is supposed to do (just getting lazy)
              stopped at Stoughton FT grounds and ran the long 250 yard pattern blind
(slow off the line, but
              finished strongly) 
                          note: stopped at vet's - Kooly weighs 65 pounds
  Sept 1 trained with group at BT's, ran a set of four tight singles in a rolling alfalfa field, gunner, primer
             pistol and hen pheasants - Kooly marked all four extremely well with speed, sat solid at the line
             (evening) ran a casting drill at the Square Pond to work on backs vs. angle backs
             Interceptor & Frontline Plus (all three dogs)
  Sept 2 trained at Brian's - short winger double with a diversion with shotgun primers, ran a handling drill
             working on backs vs. angle backs
                        note: Kooly's line manners were the focus - good session 
  Sept 3 trained at Rock Cut DTA late in the evening - short double with ducks in the lily pads followed with
             a blind up a small feeder creek, ran a remote winger walk-up in the upland area
                        note: Kooly is ready
  Sept 4 AKC Senior Hunt tests at Madison, WI  61 dogs entered and Kooly's running number is 42 (long day)
                        note: at 7:00 am ran three easy cold blinds with ducks at "The Square Pond", leave for
                                 Stoughton at 8:45 am 
             Kooly passed the Senior Hunt test today (he did a really solid job), 25 out of 56 dogs passed and we
             didn't run our last  series until about 6:45 pm (last dog was just at sunset)
                        note: Kooly had to be re-heeled on the line in the last series - he is getting pumped at tests 
                        note: Kooly is finished running hunt tests until next spring - time to hunt (a lot), relax and
                                 work on "growing up" - he's come a long way!  

                                   AKC Senior Hunter water series - flier (1- far right)), go bird (2 - left) & blind (3)
                           This a section of the water with a great view of Hook Lake, WI - Madison Retriever Club
                                              (note: picture taken from the back entrance to the club house)

    Sept 5 day off, didn't eat well and continues to loose bunches of hair
    Sept 6 day off, again poor appetite, hair really getting thin, sudden open sore on front leg - called
               vet for appointment
                        note: Kooly appears very "flat", drinking OK and animated when aired, but after reviewing
                                 vet manual, lots of symptoms similar to hypothyroidism, but then again there are other
                                 things that mimic it (poor appetite is nothing new for Kooly and he has lost a bunch
                                 of hair a couple of other times)
                        note: Kooly has never carried much weight and these issues are not new. However, this
                                 time his appearance and attitude have "crossed the line".                        
    Sept 7 appointment with vet at 2:10 am, thyroid problems ruled out, four separate skin scrapings were
               negative for mite type parasites (Revolution still applied to cover any possibilities), Kooly tested
               positive for allergies
with an inexpensive (compared to the specific one) "in house" test, blood
               sent out for a 48 panel test - cortisone shot for immediate relief, antibiotics to avoid impending
               skin infections and a regimen of Predisone.............followed by a probable change in diet
                        note: Kooly will soon feel a lot better
   Sept 8 went to help train this morning and decided to run Kooly, ran a fairly difficult double nicely and
              later ran two marks - one very tough mark down the side of the alfalfa field (diligent, persistent
              hunt to dig it out), the other single was a long "up the slot"
                        note: both set-ups were white coat derby type marks & challenging
                        note: bought a small bag of Sensitive Skin Pro Plan (started phasing it in tonight)
   Sept 9 watch Taffey train for her tests this weekend, easy day
   Sept 10-13 couch potato, taking antibiotics and Presidone regularly, likes the new food
                        note: laid out a training program to prepare Kooly for one derby before he ages out, but
                                 after looking at it, considering the pressure to compete and the overall value,
                                 I deleted it, Kooly is finished with testing this year, train for success, have a fun
                                 hunting season and aim high for next summer
   Sept 14 ran four two dog remote line "poorman" marks at Rockton Road DTA with Taffey
                        note: ran very hard and marked super (nice cool evening)   
Sept 15 train at BT's with group, ran double & got a no go on the memory - probably
                because 1) in ran her from the left side and Brian has been running her from
                the left plus 2) under those circumstances she was maybe thinking it was
                a poison bird and expected "dead bird/back" and all she got was Taffey
                        note: with her - no big deal
   Sept 16 ran easy remote winger triple with stickmen at the Square Pond
   Sept 17 day off
   Sept 18 easy day of OB refresher
   Sept 19 quick, short walk after spending the day on the truck at Brian's listening to other dogs training
   Sept 20 trained with group at Todd's, tough concept triple followed by a challenging set of two blinds,
               came back later to hammer home the concept on these blinds
                       note: did an exceptionally good job on the triple, last week we ran a double with one mark
                                thrown "out" of the alfalfa field into bordering cover and he took quite awhile to
                                figure that out, today a similar mark in a different area had him taking a perfect line
                                angling into the cover and nailing the mark (he remembers "themes")
                       note: on the blind he learned what was expected without a big hassle or loosing confidence
                       note: good concentration on the line, fired fast, was easy to work with and seemed to
                                really understand "easy" with a quiet send on the very short mark - terrific session
  Sept 21 trained with group at Gallagher's FT area, ran water triple with a blind up the middle, Kooly
               worked his way through (wasn't easy), next set-up was a poison bird pattern blind
  Sept 22 trained with group at BT's, two hunt test singles with ducks and "camo" gun stations
                       note: marked these without much trouble
               ran three singles in FT set-up with white coats - marked these extremely well with speed
                       note: what a turn around this summer has been
                       note: we will start "roading" next week and get ready to hunt (a lot) plus run a bunch of
                                "Euro" tower shoots at Blonhaven Hunt Club (all winter) 

 Sept 23 day off
 Sept 24 Kooly walked
mile on leash around the block with Daisy. He was laid back and a gentleman.
                       note: He continues to eat & clean up his food quickly, and his coat is the best it has been
                                for a long time, Overall he seems much more relaxed now that we have pin-pointed
                                and treated the allergy problem. 
                       note: With the hunting season approaching and his terrific late "season" training sessions,
                                Kooly has become a solid plus to the "crew" (Taffey, Daisy and Lick).
 Sept 25 day off
 Sept 26
Kooly, Taffey and Lick all went to the alfalfa field for a bunch of short Dokkens
 Sept 27 Kooly and his above "sidekicks" started "roading" by doing 2+ miles at the Macktown Forest Preserve
                       note: everyone is in pretty fair condition, increase to five miles by next week
                       note: Kooly seems in the best shape (Taffey after pups & Lick almost nine - figure to be off)
 Sept 28 "roaded" 3+ miles and Kooly was "full of it" even afterwards
 Sept 29 repeat of yesterday
 Sept 30 day off
 Oct   1  "roaded" 3+ miles. 70
and sunny - did better than the other two
 Oct   2   day off, way too hot, Interceptor & Frontline Plus (Lick too)
                       note: tough night for all, Kooly started vomiting about 11:00 pm and did so about 4-5 times,
                                at about 1:45 am he had some projectile diarrhea (luckily that was outside), The Vet
                                book listed several possibilities all ending with seek vet help immediately, after a
                                tense few hours it was clear the worst were not probable, observing, taking his
                                temperature (normal) by 3:30 am I figured it wasn't chemical poisoning or bloat, gave
                                him some Pepto-Bismol, got three hours of sleep and took him the vet - diagnosis
                                ingested "something", shot of antibiotics and goes on a regimen of Metranidazole for the
                                next several days, fast for at least 12 hours then feed small amounts and regulate water
Interceptor pill a waste = need to administer another in about a week
                       note: he seems fine, but don't stand down wind 
  Oct   3 issues with older grandson, day off
Oct   4-7 other things to do - dogs keep the carpet on the floor
ct   8 three dog walking "poorman" marks at the alfalfa field 
  Oct   9 "roaded" all three dogs 4 miles & walked heavy cover for about 45 minutes 
  Oct  10 ran all three dogs in areas 1,2,3 at Blonhaven, didn't say one word to them for the first 45 minutes
             and they hunted "for me", then Lick found a winged rooster that kept jumping up a few feet above
             the sorghum = that got all three pretty "hot", ran another 45 minutes and got up three more roosters
            and two hens (no gun, just working the dogs), plenty of dew made it a solid session for cool dogs
                       note: ran two cover factor blinds and some angle back piles afterwards  
  Oct  11-13 easy days around the house and some quick fun bumpers for all three dogs
  Oct  14 day off
  Oct  15 ran the cover in area #7 at Blonhaven, very warm and dry, ran cover hard, ran the pattern blind
              drill afterwards and he was "sluggish" - needs birds!
  Oct  16 ran the heavy cover (with Taffey & Lick) at BT's for an hour at dusk, crisp and nice sunset
  Oct  17 ran four long marks with Taffey and Lick the alfalfa field
  Oct  18 ran eight long marks with Taffey and Lick the alfalfa field, last day.....winter wheat planted 
  ended for the hunting season

note: Kooly's training journal is merged with Daisy, Taffey & Gunny's
                                                                   (The Kwick Four

The "Kwick Four" Training Journal (Link)

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