KwickLabs' Scissors Blind

       Cordura (glued and hand stitched) holds the "shooting", "looking" and "stealth" positions.
       Framework consists of 3/4" EMT with Bimini hardware.  The whole blind can simply fold
       down just inside the gunnels.  It can easily be picked up in one piece and removed.  The
       front side camo (over the Cordura) consists of die cut fabric with woven raffia grass. 
       Strong, black pinch clamps hold the slide jaws in place and secure the removable camo
       covers (which roll up neatly to store out of the way). The dog ramp (lawn chair frame) is
       held in place with C-clamps. It folds up for short moves and can quickly be taken into
       the boat.   

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                   Cordura Cover in Shooting Mode  
                   Cordura Cover in Scanning Mode
           Cordura Cover in Stealth (or rain) Modes
                           Taffey in Wishing Mode
                             Camo Backside
                      Camo Front (without dog hide)
             Boat ready to run (blind & ramp folded)

 Things to do: construct dog hide, weave raffia on back, blend motor camo & find some ducks