Link Pointing?
         The following are links to excellent sites which contain training tips, articles, books, pedigree  
         generator; professional training; contact local, national retriever clubs and  open forums which
         provide interesting reading and/or personal training assistance.

bullet Madison Retriever Club
bulletTaffey, Kooly and Daisy's AKC hunt test and field trial club
bullet Gun Club Labradors (GCL)
bulletPaul & Julie Knutson's site - noted for excellence in training field trial/hunt test Labs with a
specialty in pointing Labs, Julie is the author of a dynamic new book for "you and your dog
from puppyhood to bird mastery"........"Training the Pointing Labrador"
bullet Sunrise Retrievers
bulletthe home of professional trainer, handler, instructor - Brian Moyse Brian ran Taffey to her HRCH and MH titles. 
bullet American Pointing Labradors
bulletnewest resource for APLA members & information for those interested in the pointing retriever
bullet Pointing Lab Forums
bulletupdated informational and dog training forum with focus on the PL        
bullet RTF - Retriever Training Forum
bullettop quality, experienced dog training information
bullet "The Refuge"
bulletone of the most balanced retriever training Internet forums
bullet HRC
bulletHunting Retriever Club ("Conceived by hunters, for hunters")
bullet AKC
bulletAmerican Kennel Club (hunt test & field trial info)
bullet Rush Creek Press
bulletshowcases Evan Graham's "Smartwork for Retrievers" vol.1, 2 & Smart Fetch plus instructional DVDs, a modern, sequential retriever training programs
bullet Northern Flight
bullet source of excellent training articles written by Butch Goodwin (originally  written for
 "The Retriever Journal")
bullet OakHill Kennels
bulletexcellent source of articles including a solid force fetch (FF)
bullet Dobbs Dogs
bulletinteresting training approaches including one of my favorites - "the place board"
bullet OFA - Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
bulletProvides radiographic evaluation, database maintenance, and breeding advice to reduce the incidence of canine hip dysplasia. Also, the foundation supports the development of diagnostic criteria and databases for a number of other genetic diseases including as elbow and eye issues.
bulletCERF - Canine Eye Registration Foundation
bulletDedicated to the elimination of heritable eye disease in purebred dogs through registration and research.  
bulletpedigree generator  
bullet Canine Inherited Disorders Database
bulletproviding information to owners and breeders, and to facilitate the best management possible of these conditions by providing current information to veterinarians