Journals result in efficient progress

         Purpose and Rationale  
The purpose of this page is two-fold. I would be doing this as a matter of record for my own own  use (so it is nothing extra). It will be in the Web site, to show how a retired, first time "gamer" weaves his way through the process of trying to improve training skills and at the same time develop a really nice dog. There will be "dream" goals which are nothing more than targets following the motivational principal of "Aim High"! This page will not be open for debate. I will make progress and some mistakes along the way. If I need help, I know where to seek advice. Lastly, the approach is sequentially based, but is not etched in stone. This is fun above all else.

Even though I'm retired, notes, lists, and up-to-date journals with future goals seem to be the best way to make efficient progress. Back when I coached high school chess, the players that developed a rational long term plan with realistic goals seemed to consistently win. When training Taffey, I always "pencil in" a daily list of events that lead to developing a skill, addressing a particular issue, preparing for a test and especially continuing on the sequential development of an advanced retriever and hunter. These incremental additions make reaching goals simpler. I firmly believe any person can eat an entire bite at a time.

By the end of this summer Taffey is five years old and has accomplished way more than most. She is a "finished" hunting dog, a veteran hunt test dog and raised a litter of excellent pups. The first two seasons of hunting were very controlled in keeping with
training standards. In the fall of 2003, there was a terrific duck hunting trip on a small
northern Illinois rive,  several trips to some marshes in southern Wisconsin, some long jaunts to northern Wisconsin for wild grouse and a few trips for local pheasants. In the fall of 2004 Taffey established herself as the "go to" pointing Lab at Blonhaven Hunt and impressed clients on  regularly basis. In the spring of 2005, her litter by Dusty was an exciting change of pace. Maybe this fall the dreamed of trip to the Dakotas will finally take place. Tomorrow still leads to many more years of fun. 

The Journal - "Yesterday, today and tomorrow"
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Mar  9, 2007 all three dogs took a 3/4 mile walk around the block
Mar 10 another walk around the block - loose leash at the heel standard
Mar 11 trained at the Square Pond DTA, snow patches and mostly mud, but Kooly
            and Taffey ran about five short Dokken singles
Mar 12  trained at Macktown DTA Kooly ran four Retrieve-R-Trainer singles, two
            short doubles and a triple - looked good doing it
            Taffey ran four singles and a double
                   note: thought they might be tire, but they seemed fine afterwards 
Mar 13  (morning) trained at Brian's - Kooly did a session of walking baseball with two
             orange bumpers plus a short 75 yard cold blind = put up for awhile then shot
             a 60 yard chukar flyer - sat nicely for the flyer, Taffey had the morning off
             (afternoon) two winger doubles (flat, long throws) at Rockton Road DTA = first
             set long/short thrown to the left & left side heel off small, round place board,
             routine "watch", hand down to keep him focused, after delay pull to right short
             mark, hand down delay & send....second set, short/long thrown to the right &
             right  side heel on place board with the same routine except push for the long
             go bird after short memory & use "easy" cue on the short bird
                   note: Taffey ran the first double - nice job & helped pick up afterwards
                   note: Kooly was very focused and his "I know exactly where it is" is
                            awesome, he is going to be big time fun to run this summer, he
                            took the "easy" cue and stepped on the short mark, too  

Mar 14  trained at Macktown - setup a wide double 80-90 yards & afterwards ran a
            longer single "up the slot" - 150 yards (every thing angles across gravel road)
                   note: Taffey stepped on all three marks
                   note: Kooly blew past the memory = big hunt, stepped on the long single

News Flash - Daisy is going to Avery's "Trainin' in the Timber" dog seminar in late
                     May.  We'll be with three other dogs in the transition group.

 Mar 15 off to Paducah, KY for a dog training seminar - left at 6:30 am and it took a 7 hours
             to get there, it took another hour to find the place, hooked up with Jay and we ran
             four singles using his new Avery 3" flashers, about then Julie arrived, we set up
             three cold blinds and ran them
                    note: Kooly and Taffey handled OK on these blinds, but were obviously rusty
Mar 16 arrived 10 minutes before the seminar started and what a day = truly inspirational,
           afterwards Taffey & Kooly ran two singles with an impromptu training group                 
Mar 17 came early before the seminar & did seven stand alone singles with all 3 dogs
                    note: Kooly & Taffey ran two of the cold blinds from yesterday as pattern blinds
                    note: Taffey lined the long one like a speeding arrow

            today's seminar was "hands on" bird dog work by Julie Knutson with anyone who
            wanted to work with their dogs, puppies first, de-chasing older pups on up to pointing
            work in the uplands on chukars (after today's seminar session = to cold to train)
                    note: Kooly and Taffey did not take part = Daisy did super
Mar 18 today was a group training session with holding blinds and lots of dogs, 5 handlers
            showed up and we all ran our dogs through a three stickmen field with "up the slot"
            marks which Kooly & Taffey ran as a double, afterwards a "cheaty" cover cold blind
            with wind and cover pushing them to the right was run before heading off to Illinois
                    note: left a 11:45 am and got home at 6:45 pm = 925 miles on the odometer

  Starting late March 2007 all three dogs' training will be recorded in Daisy's Journal

Daisy, Kooly, Taffey & Gunny's Training Journal (Link)

                  rough draft tentative long range plans 2007
                Taffey - training set-up test dog, run a few QAA by late summer
                             2-3 field trials
                 Kooly - finish off SH title, work on MH & do QAA with Taffey
                             2 SH tests, 5-6 MH tests, 2-3 field trials
                 Daisy - run a few Derbies, finish SH title, start on MH & do a few QAA
                            1-2 Derbies, 5-6 SH tests, 2-4 MH tests & 2-3 field trials                        
                 May - June - July - August - September - October = test months
                 hunt test/field trials every other week
                 skip QAA if MH completion doable
                 build Johnny house & do upland quail work twice a week July-Sept
                 next fall grouse, ducks & geese, two trips, no guiding
                 APLA tests in the early spring of '08




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