The Puppy "Here Whiz" Game

      The making of a "Here Whiz" -  Breck from The Retriever Training Forum: This post is
       an example of just how serious some trainers are about learning "here" (and the depth
       to which it is imprinted).                                          returnto: Total Recall        returnto: KwickLabs

    Recently, a lot of people have asked questions about puppy retrieving issues . Retrieving will come,
    don't sweat it.  It is time to concentrate on other things right now. Some puppy retrieves are OK but....

    Actually, now is a good time to work your dog on "Here" with the help of a partner and treats. Soft treats
    or a little squirt of Cheeze Whiz on your finger tip work well. Don't use hard cookies etc. You want something
    that goes down quick. Drill on here (AKA Post Office) a few times each day for a few weeks and your dog will
    be solid on "Here". Solid! This will pay BIG, BIG dividends later on. Start with each person spread 10 yds or
    so apart. Let pup know that each of you has some Cheeze Whiz.

    One person holds dog by chest sitting in front of you. Other person calls pup "Here, Here, Here", goes crazy,
    jumps up and down, waves arms, what ever it takes to get pup to come. Give treat when he does, turn dog
    around facing other person, hold gently and repeat 6 or 8 times per session.

    Gradually, over a week or three, increase the distance between you to 100 yds or whatever. Start using here
    and come in whistle "here", “toot, toot, toot".  Also set up pairs of chairs (If possible have people sitting in
    them) to call dog through. Gradually place them closer together and further from you.  Also, tighten the angle
    dog runs through them.

    You can also work on leading the dog into a Heel/Sit position on return by swinging the treat in front of his
    nose when he comes to you as you take a slight step back on the side you are heeling him on. It is sort of a
    sweeping "J" motion with your hand.

    Before you know it you'll have a very young pup that will come when called and automatically return to a
    heel /sit on the side your hand is held out. As a bonus he's had an introduction to running tight past "Guns"
    so to speak.

    Go to work on retrieving after you've got "here" down pat.  Then, for several months ALL retrieves on land
    should be White bumpers on short grass (
Ala golf fairway). Avoid the temptation to stretch him out with long
    retrieves. Avoid temptation to throw into cover….for now.  Have fun.............