"The Choker Tab"

         For more control at the line and in drills, a short "choker tab" makes a nice handle. It is an
          efficient and effective method of making quick, well timed corrections to maintain taught          
        standards.  The new photograph shows a "tab" made from a 20 inch long choker with 3/8"
       wide links plus a 15" soft nylon rope which is " in diameter.  This recent modification from
       the thinner poly-rope is much easier on the hands. The  photos show the proper placement.
      The choker should be worn higher on the neck than the e-collar (which should be high, too).
        Placement of the choker depends on which side the dog is heeling and the ring placement
       should be reversed. The black electrician's tape is there to keep the nylon rope from sliding
                or snagging.  Only the proper use of a choker collar will make this a working tool. 
             Corrections are made with the collar loose so that a quick pop applies the correction.
          The pictures show the position of the collar at the moment of a correction (after which it
                                                            is returned to a "slack" position).

           Note: A tab can be useful for younger puppy control when attached to a flat collar (see
          last photo). Its introduction can be the beginning of leash breaking....put it on and let the
                      pup wear it.  The rope is best attached directly to the collar eliminating the
                                                          weight and flopping around of a snap.
                   note: (more info on the choker collar) The Choker Collar (Link)

       list of applications
                1) heeling issues
                2) mouth manners (indirect pressure)
                3) bugging
                4) head swinging on multiples
                5) steadying
                6) applying indirect pressure  
                7) provides transition from "on" to "off" leash OB 
                8) it can be left on while doing retrieves/drills in areas where snagging the collar is a non-issue 
                        note: Make sure the choker chain is the correct length. The new photo shows about how
                                 much chain should be above the ring when a correction is made.  The pictures of
                                 Kooly show a chain with the maximum length (beyond the ring) during a correction.
                                 Too much chain makes for a delay in the correction and a "too loose" choker.       

                        Kwick Kooly Dew It Allstar
                                 No Slack Position
                        New "Improved" Choker Tab

                            Kwick Daisy's Spirit Keeper
         (light poly-rope tab with snap on a flat nylon collar)