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           *  retrieved to hand at 6 weeks & strong, instinctive point at 6 ˝  weeks
                 *  first airborne water entry at 10 weeks
                  *  force fetched, collar conditioned and handles pressure extremely well
                   *  very precocious pup, high drive on marks and blinds
                    * made it to the last duck in the final series of first AKC Derby
                     * 6 titles at the age of 26 months (2003) including AKC Senior Hunter (SH), 
                      * APLA Master Pointing Retriever (MPR) & HRC Upland Hunter (UH)
                       * HRC Finished (HRCH) title & AKC Master Hunter (MH) title (2005)
                        *  all amateur trained until Master Hunter work
                         * last six hunt tests (6-6) were four HRC Finished passes & two AKC
                             Master Hunter passes over a five week period with "Pro" Brian Moyse
                           * handles field trial size setups and can run "big" in the upland
                             * finished 4th in her first “go” in the pointer division of a shoot-to-retrieve
                                   in the Wisconsin Championship Series
                               * outstanding upland guide dog at Blonhaven Hunt Club in Wisconsin
                                * f
ull sister (2nd litter) to GMPR MHR Sauk River’s Feather Storm
a real sweetheart in the house & loves people
                                  * bred to
FC AFC HRCH Taylorlab Downtown Dusty Brown MH
HR Kwick Daisy's Spirit Keeper SH (1st litter)
                                    * son
HR Kwick Draw McGraw JH (2nd litter)

                                Date of Birth    8/2/2000     lean training/hunting weight - 65 pounds
                                AKC #  SN75985702
                                UKC #  R145-212
                                OFA Hips # LR-126532G25F-Pl     GOOD
                                OFA Elbows #LR-EL16857424-Pl  NORMAL
                                CERF #  LR-33428--24/2002,3,4
#  LR-CNM06-635-F-PIV  (5/22/06)
                                EIC Accession # D08-039702 Clear VDL

                                                               (early bench marks - 2000)

                                                                              "Instinctive Pointer"
                                                              (photo in
The Retriever Journal Aug/Sept 2008)
                                                                                  "Favorite Photo"
                                                                                   (upland guide dog)

                                                                         "Taffey & Dusty's Pups"
                                                                   "Mississippi River canvasback"
                                                                                  (aging well - 2010)