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             *  retrieved to hand at 6 weeks & strong, instinctive point at 6 ˝  weeks
                   *  first airborne water entry at 10 weeks
                    *  force fetched, collar conditioned and handles pressure extremely well
                     *  very precocious pup, high drive on marks and blinds
                      * made it to the last duck in the final series of first AKC Derby
                       * 6 titles at the age of 26 months (2003) including AKC Senior Hunter (SH), 
                                APLA Master Pointing Retriever (MPR) & HRC Upland Hunter (UH) titles           
                         *  HRC Finished (HRCH) title & AKC Master Hunter (MH) title (2005)
                          *  all amateur trained until Master Hunter work
                           * last six hunt tests (6-6) were four HRC Finished passes & two AKC
                                     Master Hunter passes over a five week period with "Pro" Brian Moyse
                             * handles field trial size setups and can run "big" in the upland
                              * finished 4th in her first “go” in the pointer division of a   
                                         Wisconsin Championship Series (shoot-to-retrieve) 
                                 * outstanding upland guide dog at Blonhaven Hunt Club in Wisconsin
                                  * f
ull sister (2nd litter) to GMPR MHR Sauk River’s Feather Storm
a real sweetheart in the house & loves people
excellent first litter of pups by FC AFC Taylorlab Downtown Dusty Brown
first litter of Dusty x Taffey pups all CERF'd clear
HR Kwick Daisy's Spirit Keeper SH (1st litter)
                                        * son
HR Kwick Draw McGraw JH (2nd litter)
(both by FC AFC Taylorlab Downtown Dusty Brown)

                                Date of Birth    8/2/2000     lean training/hunting weight - 65 pounds
                                AKC #  SN75985702  
                                UKC #  R145-212 
                                OFA Hips # LR-126532G25F-Pl     GOOD
                                OFA Elbows #LR-EL16857424-Pl  NORMAL
                                CERF #  LR-33428--24/2002,3,4  
#  LR-CNM06-635-F-PIV  (5/22/06)
                                EIC Accession # D08-039702 Clear VDL

                                                                           "Instinctive Pointer"
                                                            (photo in
The Retriever Journal Aug/Sept 2008)
                                                                   Rock River Duck Hunt (at three)
                                                               Mississippi River canvasback (at ten) 


Sire  MHR GMPR Rik's Risky Raider MH - yellow

2001 U.S. Open Pheasant Champion (Open Flusher Division)
sire of multiple GMPR & MH 

Sire  Holzinger's Risky Business SH

1988 U.S. Open Pheasant Champion (Amateur Class)

Sire  Ayr of Hambrook  (UK)

Sire  FTCH Milbuies Dust Lad  (UK)

Dam  Rosanne's Java  (UK)

Dam  Holzinger's Lady Dutchess  (UK)

1995 U.S. Open Pheasant Champion (Open Class)
1996 US Open Pheasant Champion (Top Gun Class)

Sire  FTW Sage of Swinbrook SH (UK)

Dam  Cressett Crystal (UK)

Dam  Kurt's Blazing Behavior SH

Sire  Full Choke of Chub Lake

Sire  DC  Trumarc's Triple Threat

Dam  Shamrock Acres Kandeyoyo
(by NFC NACF  Super Chief)

Dam  Trieven Honeysuckle Rose

Sire  Super Powder 
(by NFC NACF  Super Chief)

Dam  Trieven Calliope
(by FC ACF River Oak’s Rascal)

JoeMac's Dakota Rose - yellow
 dam of:
 MHR GMPR  Sauk River Feather Storm,   MHR CP JoeMac's Dead on Arrival  & MPR HRCH UH Kwick Taffey of JoeMac's MH


Sire  Alma Bottom Black Victor

Sire  Minn Horse and Hunt Club Thor  (sire of "Grits")

Sire  Full Choke of Chub Lake 
(by DC  Trumarc's Triple Threat)

Dam  Dutchess of Lake Nokomis
(by NFC AFC San Joaquin Honcho)

Dam CP Alma Bottom Snooker

Sire  Alma Bottom’s Tickler

Dam  Lady Natasha Whispering Lane

Dam  Bjorklund's Blond Beech's

Sire  Lonestar High Noon Hank

Sire  FC AFC Lone Star J R II

Dam  Trumarc’s Yeager
(by FC AFC Trumarc’s Zip Code)

Dam  Bjorklund's BJ

Sire  Begemans Dakota Kane

Dam  Cocoa’s Carmel Candy