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        Mar 22   Taffey is in heat          
          Archive: Early Days (March-June) Link  

       July  1  weighed today at 3 weeks old, responding to voices and a few pups are wagging tails 
                   when their ears are "scratched"
       July  2 visitors today, Steve's little boy and girl were in the whelping box with the pups, Taffey
                  was a bit nervous and wanted attention so she waited outside (a bit)
       July  3 more play things into the "duplex" & continue to hold and play with pups, grandsons start
                  their socializing times today, puppies getting much more agile = "dancing" back & forth
                  in their play wrestling, if you start talking to them they come right over & look up
       July 4 left one window open for distant muffled fireworks and played with pups (acted as if  nothing
                 was any different than normal, intend to play the "Master Voice Gun Conditioning Tape"
                 during sixth week, always seemed to put my pups to sleep, pups showing more interaction
                 toward me when holding (head scratches & ear rubs are the most popular)
       July 5 weigh pups today AND action photos at  Puppy Photos (Link)
       July 6 bought some Eagle Pack Large Breed Puppy food today, the pups have been licking my
                 fingers for the last four-five days so after using a blender to make a water slurry, it was
                 given to them in a "finger lickin' mode" and they went right to it, smeared about  a cup
                 of the slurry on a shallow baking plate which they promptly cleaned up, after which the
                 platter was rinsed and filled with water, they all got in it and drank - this went all too easy
                 from what I had expected = well adjusted, smart pups! and hungry
                          note: feed pups three times a day for three days (6am, 2pm, 10pm), slightly increasing
                                   the amounts, then switch to four times a day, cut Taffey's food back to three
                                   times a day from four (next three days), then twice a day for a week, weaned off
                                   pups at 5 weeks
                          note: pups get outside time starting tomorrow
      July 7 two cups of puppy food plus water in a blender makes a paste the pups lapped right up, fresh
                water and a quick snack from Taffey and they were very content, soon went outside for the
                first time (75, slight breeze, sunny with dew on the grass), most cautious, but all very curious,
                after 15 minutes & pictures all climbed the short stair & went back in, fell asleep with a little
                help from the heat lamp
then the messin' began!
                          note: feed pups at 6am, 2pm & 10pm
                          note: visitors this afternoon - Taffey's vet and his family 
      July 8 Not a good day. The little, almost white pup born "not OK" had to be put down today. She
                was born without a tail and internal complications.  Even with a very "iffy" surgery, her future
                would be at the very best a lifetime of stool incontinence (not sure of the term, but it basically
                means she would have no control over her eliminations).  She is now resting peacefully in a
                blanket that she, her siblings and mother slept on. 

                It is very difficult to type this, as little Daisy (she has to have a name) was the first to make eye
                contact with me. Daisy lived four weeks and was nurtured by the love of her mother and me.
                She played with her siblings, ate some real puppy food and got to caress the wet dewy grass
                with her tiny, black padded paws. Kwick Daisy will live on in the puppy I keep and be always
                remembered in the name of her sister - Kwick Daisy's Spirit Keeper.

                The original theme of this Website was to tell it all - "the good and the bad". 
                Today it changed to "the good, the bad and the sad".

      July 9 Had a rough night, but no second guesses on yesterday's decision.  It was the right thing to do,
                and we move on.  The puppies this morning were eating, rough housing and harassing mom. 
                Taffey is trying to figure out what's up, as we started cutting back her food (slowly) and have
                begun to restrict (slightly) her time with the pups.  In a way, she was doing this a bit herself
                (sharp teeth?)  As usual, Taffey and I are again charging into uncharted waters.  However,
                today, there is an underlying pang of anxiety in knowing just how vulnerable the little "buggers"
                are and am thinking it will be a relief (maybe not) to see them go to their new homes soon. 
                All six look so good (especially today)!  I need to stop re-reading my journal.  It is impossible
                to proof read through tears.
      July 10 Got up to find the pups are using the papers away from the sleeping area REALLY WELL
                Gathered all the papers up from under the scurrying "paper rats" and put down their pan of
                food which they quickly attacked & devoured.  Taffey had finished her smaller ration and then
                was moved in with the pups to let them nurse.  That made it easy to finish up the "paper" room
                to prepare for the next wave. The whole bunch then paraded outside, got an extra snack from
                mom and explored. Later, they all followed me to the door to be lifted back into the whelping
                duplex for another quick snack. Taffey was isolated and all six were soon asleep. Now I can
                make a quick trip for some water singles and a double with Kooly. Whew!
                           note: four different references on whelping pups have four "not very similar" methods
                                    for weaning
   However, one made a subtle point.....very early weaning
                                    deprives the pups of a mother's influence.

                                            "early morning in the filtered shade of the asparagus patch"

        July 11 puppies are eating with a vengeance today, last batch was not "processed" as much and
              had some shape to the kibbles, getting very aggressive in their play & Taffey is having mixed
              feelings about nursing (but she does it anyway)
        July 12 up and fed pups earlier than usual so as to get out earlier with Kooly and train to beat the
              rain coming up from Hurricane Dennis (they are really into the food now) and should be totally
              weaned by the middle of next week, they now beg to be held and snuggled, starting to intro
              strange noises today - radio (talking and music), will start playing the Master's Voice Gun
              Conditioning Tape late next week (it always put my last two pups to sleep), lawn mower and
                        note: each pup is totally relaxed when held and very comfortable with handling
                                 however, they are sure going through a lot of posturing with their play fighting,
                                 they'll be "rippin' and snarling" at each other and two minutes later be in a pile
                                 lying next to each other like the best of "buds", really getting difficult to pick
                                 out which is which by size alone (orange and red are almost identical) and even 
                                 blue (the biggest) requires some anatomical glances
, the little green female
                                 "use" to be easy (not anymore)
                        note: pups ate about 6 cups of food today in four different feedings plus nursing               

                                                                               Trough Time
                                      puppies ID counter-clockwise - orange, red, pink, green, blue & purple

     July 13 another good day for the pups, outside chasing Mom and me around their huge pen, backed
             off a bit on the amount of puppy food per each feeding (a few loose stools)
     July 14 Taffey nursed the pups for a bit at 12:30 am and she was off to be crated near-by for the first
             time all night. At 6:30 am the pups were asleep when I opened the door. The usual mad scramble
             to roll the soiled newspapers was over in seconds. This morning the food was not processed (first
             time). It  was drenched in warm water, finger swirled a bit, excess water drained and fed. They
             scarfed every last bit down. Fresh water in a flat pan is available. Meanwhile Taffey was fed her
             reduced ration and allowed to nurse. The pups pretty much had all they wanted so Taffey was
             put out  to air. All the play toys were cleaned off and placed back. Each puppy begs for attention
             which helps to forget that Mom is not there. This quickly transitions to play fighting and messin'
             with the toys. A new toy was introduced yesterday that shows great promise - bumper pool balls.
             They roll, bounce off the walls with a loud click, "run away" and provoked some cute stalking
             moves from a few of the pups. Their attention span is short, but they are quickly refocusing back
             to their new found toy. Some have started carrying things around already. At 7:30 am they were
             beginning to slow down and decided to forget about going outside until later. The dew was too
             heavy and the other day a few were shivering for awhile when they came in. Off to run Kooly on
             three long, clipped winged pigeon pattern blinds. Pups went outside around noon and it was hot.
             A small sprinkler provided a little fun and the dense asparagus patch is proving to be a real joy
             for the pups.  They really lapped up the water when they got back inside. Out again in the early
             evening and are now running about quite a bit. Almost everyone has figured out what begging is.
             They all want to be held and talked to.  The yarn collars on orange and red have to be changed
             everyday as they are growing.  They all have gone over the 5 pound 4 ounce limit of my digital
             scale so there will be no more weighing.  Early weighing was more to make sure things were
             going right.  Now it's just "trough time". 


Weight Chart & Observations

 pup   ribbon   6/10  6/11  6/19  6/20  6/24  6/28 7/1  7/5  7/9       7/27
  1 M     blue  18oz   17    30   32   41   51  58   65   81   9.5 pounds
  2 F      red  17oz   18    28   29   39   48  53   62   75   8.9 pounds
  3 F     pink  16oz   15    24   25   36   43  50   59   71   8.5 pounds
  4 F   green  14oz   13    21   23   33   40  44   56   62   8.2 pounds
  5 M   purple  15oz   13    20   22   32   41  48   56   68   8.4 pounds
  6 F   orange  15oz   14    29   32   39   43  47   59   74   9.5 pounds
                                                1 day                   2 weeks        3 weeks                 two days less than 
               7 weeks at vets

           notes:  1) born on 6/10 - 10:30 am to 5:00 pm (approximately)
                       2) second day weight loss normal & all started gaining the next day
                          (vet said initially whelped pups are super-hydrated)
                       3) all nursed well the first 24-36 hours (excellent consumption of colostrum)   
                       4) most try to get one of the back four "spigots" (all ten are being used)
                       5) blue & orange pups consistently push others aside (orange is the best at it)
                       6) purple is never satisfied with where he is at
                       7) red and pink pretty much "stay at home"
                       8) white is everywhere and persistent
                       9) white, green & purple were a bit slower taking off at first (comparatively)
                     10) all pups have been plump and vigorous from day one
                     11) 6/18 started allowing three smallest to get a "head start", now four times a day
                     12) 6/20 weight chart up on Website

                           To Do's:  in the penned area  - cutting grass to leave a few higher strips (angled
                           entries & exits plus
), put in posts for a small flight pen (around the
                           asparagus patch & one daffodil strip

    July 15 five weeks old today, up and fed at 7:00 am outside at noon, watered before and after and then
             spent a few hours with mom, CERF appointment is set for next Thursday the 21st at the
Eye Care
          For Animals in Wheeling, IL -
$191 for the six at 6:30 pm
    July 16 extremely hot day, pups out early in order to take Kooly to a hunt test, Bev did the puppy "work"
            today, pups back out at 6:30 pm and cooled the room off late at night
    July 17 even hotter today (94) and everything is going well with the pups, cleaning easy with door to the
            outside right there, and keeping fresh water available keeps them content, moving closer to final
            weaning on Wednesday 5 weeks & 5 days, Taffey is cut  back to nursing three short times today and
            down to two tomorrow, took some more pictures today which will be in the photo gallery later
                 note: started letting the pups out at midnight to imprint a late airing - they were doing just fine as
                          I have a huge spotlight that lights up the fenced in area (out for ten minutes, in for some
                          fresh water and soon back to sleep (at 12:15 am it is still hotter outside than the pool room
                          they are in)
                 note: the neighbor's had a roof "tear off" and the nail guns going off all day for a few days were
                          hardly noticed by the pups - they are gun conditioned already

    July 18 fed & out to play at 6:30 am, fed & out to play at 1:00 pm, repeat again at 7:00 pm and midnight
            new toy today - two plastic quart m
ilk cartons with an old sock tied tight to the handle, also, had to
            kill a fly that was in the area & afterwards teased the pups with a flyswatter - slapping, waving
            motion on the side of the whelping box 10-15 seconds - they were chasing it and very excited (no
            question about them being very "birdy"
    July 19 the pups continue to become more active outside, running and exploring, today they went into
            a sprinkler shower and played Taffey will no longer be allowed to nurse after tomorrow
                  note: the duplex has become less of a cleaning problem now that they have learned we go
                           outside regularly 
   July 20 thunderstorms this morning, but the pups got outside to beat the rain, keeping the "yard" clean
            has not been as difficult as originally thought and putting them out on a schedule has made the
            "duplex" much cleaner, crate breaking should be a breeze with these pups
                  note: new toys outside today, one "lane", a tub, small rug covered pyramid and a tunnel
                  note: green female seemed very tired last night, held her for about hour to let the others fall
                           asleep and she nodded off quickly, this morning she seemed quite "chipper", ate and
                           played as usual - never did have a temperature
                  note: group fecal exam turned up negative, but will worm with Panacur anyhow
   July 21 CERF at 6:30 pm in Wheeling, IL and all CERF'd clear, the trip went well with two pups per
             VariKennels, cried and yipped for about 15 minutes and then were quiet and "clean" the rest
             of the trip, missed one meal and fed late, again out at midnight
   July 22 6:15 am out first, clean "duplex" and back in to eat, back out to play & then back in to water
             play a bit more and then sleep, out again at 10:30 am to air and brief play, back in for water
             and soon sound asleep, gave first dose of worming meds at 1:00 pm (1 ml of Panacur solution
             via mouth syringe three days in a row), trim nails, get bird netting from Dawn, put tall posts in
             for small flight pen, call John about some quail
   July 23 second dose of Panacur. smart pups = yesterday it was "OK, what's that thing you're sticking
             in my mouth?" and today it was "Ya got me yesterday.......today you'll need to work harder!"
             all pups are eating well and very active
  July 24 last dose of Panacur, very hot today = lots of water, went outside several times & pups look
              forward to the trips
                    note: discussed vaccination steps to take with pups, this Wednesday we will do a vaccine
                             that is specifically for Parvo and Distemper
                    note: picked up the flight pen netting today (hot), called the "quail man" and will pick
                             up ten quail Tuesday afternoon (late)
  July 25 finished up flight pen & intro water, bring puppies individually into the hallway to investigate it
              today is garbage day so the neighbors' recycling bins were raided for a fresh supply of
              newspapers, puppies up and fed with the usually cleaning chores were all done and pups
              back in and asleep by 8:30 am (it is hot and humid already)
                    note: first time in the rec room on the way to "the hallway" (two at a time) = cautious at
                             first, and they all were interested in the paint roller - red and orange were the most
                             excited with their tails wagging as they explored on the way to the hallway, green
                             was the quickest to "attack" the roller, the two boys both were picking up the roller
                             and seemed very comfortable in their new "room", pink was the most cautious 
                             (they went in as pairs - blue & purple, pink & green, red & orange)
                    note: finished flight pen about 11:00 am. the heat and humidity is really a "bear" this

                           The flight pen is ready.
                                The net is tough.

                    note: called everywhere for a "kiddy" wading pool, everyone was out except for an Ace Hardware,
                             still hot and humid this evening so the pups liked the water, no qualms....up, over and in,
                             puppies will sleep well tonight      

                                  to hot out to resist 
                    curiosity, confidence and comfort 

  July 26 throw a paint roller in the hall way (individually), flight pen didn't work too well = the netting was
              too big and the first one just went north & con't water intro
  July 27 smaller mesh kept the quail in, but the whole idea was not a good one, the fluttering quail first just flew
              up into the asparagus plants and out of sight and mind, then when the asparagus was thinned out the
              quail was too close and the pups knew it was trapped, What a waste of time that was! 
                          note: puppy shots and microchips today (used Intervet for Parvo & Distemper
                          note: physicals of pups turned up two minor issues that should turn out OK with maturity, but
                                   the Green female has an inverted vulva which could be a problem down the road
                          note: After breeding my first litter and dealing with the entire process, I am "soooo" willing to
                                   let someone else whelp my next pup. To do this right at every step is a tremendous
                                   amount of work. There are times when it is a pure joy, but the reality is clear. 
                          note: puppy weights from physical are listed in the old chart above                      
   July 28 finished quail in the open & repeat paint roller
                          note: almost have the pups switched over to Pro Plan puppy food & stool is a little better
                                   (some better than others)
                          note: today at almost 7 weeks of age four of the six pups show natural pointing traits
                                   those would be Blue, Red, Pink and Green (tails were "up" except with Red's)
                                   Orange and Purple were definitely only interested in catching   
                          note: as of 8:00 pm tonight the female placements are all determined
                          note: last weighing of pups in litter at vet posted in the weight chart above                            

Orange (flash point)

Pink (natural, long point)

Pink (another)

Red (intense, natural point)

           Early Pointing Pictures - What do they mean? 
           These four photos were taken on the initial exposure to a "quail on a string".  Which "pointing"
           pup would you have picked based on the picture and ignoring the title? 

           Red and Pink (twice) locked up and stayed there.  The Orange puppy chased for quite awhile never
           giving up on her desire to "catch" it.  However, the picture of her on "point" is nothing but a lucky snap
           shot that is really her one and only split second flash point. She has shown signs of sibling stalking
           and looks beautiful doing it, but at almost seven weeks old.......point (on birds) did not show up today. 
           An interesting aside -  my son has a video camera with a computer program that allows a person to
           go into a video and isolate frames from recorded action. Using this technique, that kind of  "picture"
           may not reveal the true nature of the action taking place.  Using a photo camera requires many shots
           hoping to get a few that work.  

The Two Males (Blue - 9.5 pounds and Purple - 8.5 pounds)

Blue (left) & Purple (right)

  July 29 easy day
  , papers are ready for buyers - AKC, Guarantee, vet - shots & health, CERF copies,
              Chip ID, pedigree & specific information sheet
                  note: puppies have really become at home in their yard & have started to wait to go outside 
                           (Don't get too comfortable.)
  July 30 three pups left today - Pink (to Minnesota), Red (to Wisconsin) & Purple (to Iowa)
                  note: At 1:00 am the "gang of six" was let out to for their last romp under the yard lights.  They
                           did what they usually do at that time - get a drink, take care of business, fight a little and
                           find a few pieces of asparagus to chew on.  When they came back in to the freshly cleaned
                           "duplex", the pups and I sat down on the floor and had our last, extra long "group hug".
                  note: The day went fast as two families with their children came to pick up Red and Purple. The
                           Pink puppy had a six hour drive ahead of her and Jane was going to make a 12 hour turn-
                           around out of it. Whew!  Each pup got a small towel with siblings' and mom's scent on it to
                           help them through the first few days.  The last pup today (Pink) had to be held by me when
                           the car was opened.  Pink gave me a quick kiss (I didn't need that.) and away she went. 

                           There are three left now, and I don't think the remaining pups have noticed.  I did. 
What terrific placements! I couldn't be happier for the pups. 

  July 31 one more pup leaves today - Green (to Wisconsin) & two will be left (Blue ships in a week) and that
              is good because I have spent entirely too much time with these pups

  August 1st - The End  (but not really - two new pages and one old page re-opened)
                     1) another "chapter" will be soon be created called Taffey's Litter Accomplishments 
Taffey's Training Journal will again start up 
                     3) Kwick Daisy's Spirit Keeper ("Daisy") will soon appear in Daisy's Timeline                 

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