Training To Pass Hunt Tests
          "Daisy" - HRC Finished & "Gunny" - AKC Senior

                                 "The Five Factor Focus"
    responsiveness, “birdiness”, control, focus & retrieving

     preliminary analysis  (estimated scoring based on 1-10)

HR "Daisy" SH  (goal HRCH)
responsiveness  description - selective & unpredictable       7
control                   description - major issue                                 6
focus                     description - easily distracted                         7
”birdiness”          description - manic                                            9
retrieving              description - very good, mouthy                    8
                                                          & memory suspect
training focus – control & responsiveness, slow down & vary
                               choices to emphasize who is in control,
                               expose to distractions regularly, birds often

HR "Gunny" JH  (goals SH & HRCH)
responsiveness  description - laid back & predictable            8
control                   description - natural strong point                  8
focus                      description - not intense & at times              8
                                                          lack of  confidence
”birdiness”           description - almost excellent                        9
retrieving               description - solid & good memory,             7
                                                          focus issues (water ?)

training focus -  increase level of OB standards, become very
                              predictable for awhile, work slowly, birds often,
                              lots of fun, upbeat water work & zero in on
                              strengthening weaknesses

places to train - two sessions per day (often) & weather dependent

Madison Retriever Club properties
Winnebago County DTA
Square Pond DTA
Rock Cut State Park DTA
BT's hay field
Bong DTA
Mississippi River duck/fishing camp area

                individual OB once a day
                Long Wait Drill once a week
                skill drills 3-5 per week (early reviews - later maintenance)
                land marking multiple singles 3 times/week
                water marks 3 times/week (4 for Gunny)
                multiple cold blinds at least 3 times a week (water & land)
                KRD once a week
                HRC multiples at least twice a week (land & water)
                Rockton Sport Complex once a week - long inlines
                Rockton road DTA once a week - long cold blinds
                group training once a week
                train Taffey & Kooly (every other day - maintenance)