Various pictures (older) of Kooly and Taffey plus many training setups. (click on thumbs)                

        Kooly running           Kooly digging              Kooly's first
     outside retrieve at Kinnikinnick       
     Forest Preserve
       nine bumper
   FTP at The Square Pond TA
   using "Kwick Bumpers"
           first mallard  
    retrieve at Blonhaven Hunt Club
       walking fetch "yard work"
       using a "Kwick Bumper"
    Taffey's easy triple at Stoughton
           1st water
    double with diversion & blind at
    Hook Lake (cheap camera)
           2nd water
      double with diversion & blind
    field trial training set-up at the
    Stoughton field trial grounds
   Trainer triple with a blind at
          HRC remote
     wingers triple at Stoughton
      definitive casting
    drill at the Square Pond
    singles at the Square Pond
          remote winger 
     poison bird blind at Stoughton
      two cold blinds
   at Rock Cut State Park DTA
          remote wingers
  definitive casting drill (tough, across
  and off the point) at Stoughton
           HRC style
    wingers double and single at
      remote wingers 
   definitive casting at Beloit campus

         series of cold
     blinds at the Square Pond
            long cold blind
  with three "in and outs" - this became
  a pattern blind at Stoughton
       W marking
  drill with stickmen and remote
  sends from a place board
           pile drill to
     fight a "side of the hill" factor
            cold blind
     at Stoughton field trial grounds

        four remote send
 "poorman" marks (stickmen) followed
  by five "up the slot" longer cold
  blinds - west Gallagher FT pond
            five long cold
      blinds at Blonhaven Hunt Club
            "the pattern
      blind" at Stoughton - 275 yards 
        lining drill A at
          lining drill B
       at Stoughton
            camo jump
       intro to a "no-no" drill to Kooly

        two cold blinds
   at the Ottawa DTA  (Taffey)
           three winger 
   singles for Kooly at the Square Pond
          four singles
  in area #3 at Blonhaven Hunt Club
       forest preserve
   puppy walk path
           wood duck
  house put up on the Square Pond

            Marsh Rat
  duck boat ready to put up the "house"
        angle back
   review drill at Med Center
           four singles
   plus cold blind at the Sand Ponds
        triple at Stoughton
  singles (stickmen) with a remote
  place board W drill at Stoughton
          four cold
     blinds at Stoughton
           5th cold blind
    at Stoughton
        winger singles
     at the Square Pond TA (Kooly)
           two double &
     blind set-ups on Sand Pond sketch
           Kooly's first
     planted chukar & he pointed it!
      Nonsense Pet
                              Van Trainer
         W Drill

          AKC Senior Hunter water series, Kooly's second SH pass - September 5, 2005 (handler Jim Boyer)
                                              Madison Retriever Club Hunt Test at Hook Lake, WI

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