Taffey's training  March - September 19, 2003   

Mar. 1 "The Hills" - two remote launcher easy in line doubles (130, 180 yards)
            used chukars - tough background, first one did well, second - set up in a different area,
            wind shifted and with it in her face reduced marking to a scenting exercise (duh!)   
  2    Day off! too cold, too windy, too many other things to do         
  3    afternoon: review literal casting graph drill       reference = "Smartwork"
        cold, windy, snowing - not thrilled with the drill, but did fine (bored)   
  4    cold, windy, snowing - nothing to gain = day off!
  5    8 inches of blowing snow - driveway - whoa-goes & S-drill 

water training guess - last week in march (maybe!? = March 26)
  6    two dog walking "poorman" marks 16th fairway Ledges Golf Course
        (still deep snow, but level, safe running)  
  7    Day off! (more snow this morning, way too much snow to be training in the normal areas)
work on remote wingers          
  8    SNOW! OB 

    Badger State HRC Training
-  0°with -16° below zero wind chill - PASS         
10    fun bumpers - front yard (wait 'til
break in the weather!)  
        MAIL HRC Finished ENTRY for April 12th     
11    work on remote wingers, yard lining

        two dog walking "poorman" marks 17th fairway Ledges Golf Course
        (still deep snow, but 40°) 
****11 days**** con't HRCH+ training limit distances to 175 yard max.
            every third day do upland training on pheasants, chukar and/or quail (3 days)
            emphasis on OB, control, steady and I flush!  Slow Down at the line!
            start definitive casting drills  & increase concept marks - indent and inline
            Stoughton three times; use Retrieve-R-T'r
12   Run one set of in-line triples as singles at "Macktown"
  easy distance but tough angle
       entry into cover across one lane dirt road - straight line to each mark 70, 90, 120 yds    
       Introduce definitive casting drill- drill 1 (right) went well  extra whistle cast
       on the 20 & 80 yd flag. pile 40 yards out; picked marks cleanly & ran all
       "backs" straight and hard, stopped at flags sharply (ran Drill 1 to the left in
       different area) repeat Drill 1 and move on to Drill 2
13   Blonhaven - five chukars first birds in three weeks = no surprises good long points,
       but wouldn't let me flush = none shot, ran one set of three in-line singles with the
       Retrieve-R-T'r angled across the pictured sorghum set-up (link) - excellent lines and
       marks 60, 100, 150 yards followed by one long (red shot) mark; ran the definitive
       casting drill down a hill & to the left in cover (she's got this down and runs the 40 yard
       angled casts hard = excellent "mo")     
pointing picture links: one & two
       (home HRC has Upland Test Sunday & needs a test dog - can't do with MPR soon)
14   kids home - no school = definitive casting drills, repeats of drill 1- right & left
       16 - hundred yard marks plus 8 lines to "spots" followed by casts, mud flying and
       hard charging to all, speedy returns, attrition once at each 80 yard "spot" - took
       each correction smartly, she loves drills, not even tired & looking for more

15   BSHRC Upland Hunt Test (gunning & taking pictures, didn't take Taffey)
       Day off!  
16   ran DCD 2 at "Med Center" - left and right = excellent, ran DCD 3 right - one whistle
       recast, repeat = went very well so we did drill 4 & 4a = no problems
       (+40°temperature change tough)     
17   Ran two sets of in-line triples with one as double/single (link) & one as a triple (link)
       (75, 135, 210 yards) at Stoughton, used remote launchers & widened angle on triple
       (double/single tight), ran blind 1 (150 yards) & blind 2 (125 yards) (links) out of marks
       field, ran DCD 5 in light cover twice - only one whistle correction & went well
       (future = repeat DCD 5 and prepare for Drill 6)
       (still.....ponds iced & frost in ground =  Kansas out?)

(1.5 hour round trip, door-to-door total = 4 hours, 55-65°and sunny)
18   Trained with group at "The Rock" three singles - 75 yd remote winger,
       175 yd Maxx 5000 (big hunt and handle, needed second dummy, done in by
       cross wind, great line to about 150 yards veered into the wind, repeated
       winger/Maxx as a double: 100 yd gunner & 80 yd blind (no'd off to run blind first,
       picked up mark, ran blind again = handler totally misjudged position);
       ran three Retrieve-R-T'r marks with the last an indent   
       ran Definitive Casting Drill 5a (link) - to the left, went very well
19   cold, windy, light showers = Day off?
20   12 singles using Retrieve-R-T'r, 8 remote honors with Lick retrieving
       ran Definitive Casting Drill 5a (link) - to the right & done very well!
       ran double & triple (both well done); foggy, in between the rain  
       ice out on Legend Lake, "Square Pond" (almost), Stoughton - low water, some ice   
21   ran 5 W-stickmen "poorman" marks at Stoughton with primer pistol & Dokken (200, 140,
       175, 130, 190 yards) - Taffey fetches from the line & returns to the line (place
       board) after each mark, 3 blinds (75, 125, 240 yards) run from last two  marks and
       from the line - Drill Set-up  (link), ran three remote honors (Taffey) using Retrieve-R-T'r
       with Lick retrieving; finished with Taffey running a short (75 yards each) concept triple
       & a 150 yard single using the Retrieve-R-T'r (not tired and looking for more),
       run two miles on the bicycle path (both dogs, evening)
22   trained with group - ran three singles and marked very well (90 yards - gunner into
       deep cover, 100 yards Maxx 5000 light cover over a  slight rise, 175 yards - gunner
       in the middle, tight beyond Maxx); ran two blinds 180 yards up the middle/left
       and 150 yards behind/tight to short/mark gunner, worked from both sides comfortably;
       "mini" mark honor drill;    two miles on the bicycle path (both dogs)

23   Double "Euro" tower shoots at Blonhaven
- 2 twelve round shoots of 400 birds each,
       60°and dogs adjusted to temperature, having two Labs to run makes it easier ("picked"
       almost 100 birds between (Taffey & Lick), cold water hose after to cool off, Taffey
       finally was able to run blinds between rounds (she is learning to deal with the heavy 
      distractions and maintaining focus)       

24   Day off!
, demonstrated "working a pile" & three-handed casting    
25   Run five blinds at the dry  "Sand Ponds" (evening)  
       first three blinds (link) (130, 175, 230 yards); last two blinds (link) (175, 150 yards)
       lined first and last, #2#3 still having trouble judging depth on blinds like these, #4 two
       whistled (blind lines getting back to good form, excellent "mo", carrying casts well;
       definitive casting drills have greatly reduced scalloping; need to work on tighter
       angle backs)
26   One simple splash double (60, 90 yards) First Spring Water (Link) at the "Square Pond", 
       Definitive Casting Drill 5a+  (Link) (+ = across pond corner, marks 100 yds, pile
       requires a 60 yd cast)   (need to work on drop and shake habit when leaving water
       with first retrieve - it's back!)
27   "Square Pond" - three bird boy long stickman singles (Link)
       (200, 150, 125 yard - land/water/land)     
28   Cold, windy and rain = day off! 
29   One of "those" days = kids = day off!  
30   8 "poorman" singles each followed with a blind at the "
Sand Ponds"
       nice quick training session, good "mo" & casts on blinds, getting very comfortable
       with heeling to either side with a simple hand signal  
31   Trained at Bong with Bruce B. & "Ripley"- ran 10 blinds off 10 Retrieve-R-T'r marks
        (holding blind, two buckets, popper shotgun, duck calls, each dog alternates and ends
        up with 5 marks & 5 blinds),  Taffey demo'd initial
Definitive Casting Drill, and ran #6         

        trained on 10 quail, Bruce flushed and gunned, Taffey pointed & handled birds
        under control to work back out of Upland Hunt variation (END flushing on command)
        ran easy "flower pot" water double at the "Quarry Pond" to cool off 
Ap. 1    5  W- stickman stations with chairs, white coat gunner, primer pistol and BIRDS
             (two close marks 140 yards, three long around 200 yards across harvested corn)
             7 dummy tune-up drill across the corner of the "Square Pond"                     
  2   Stoughton - 6 white coats: first set-up = 3 singles (left to right, 150, 225, 135 yards),
       second set-up =  4 tight, tough singles (Link) (125, 200, 150, 250 yards),
       third set-up = two blinds (125, 275 yards)  DUCKS!  
       finished in the swim-by pond with a three pile water casting drill (Link) (water very low)
       (marked ALL very well with no flaring, lined the 125 yard blind & handled through heavy
       scent marking area for the long blind, marking is improving because her line manners
       have been refocused (heeling stick) & two sided is now very comfortable - excellent day!)
  3   cold & wet = easy day, S-drill, played with crawl, limp & dead parlor trick  
  4   Stoughton - easy 2 dummy  water casting drill (Link), 3 launcher walk-ups, 3 remote
       honors (Lick), four (175, 225, 190, 175 yards) blinds,  R-R-T'r -3 triples (Link) (175, 85,
       175 yards with wind = good distance) in different areas & concerted effort to change
       order of retrieve to impact line manners - positive progress
       Note: remember "dip" in learning curve when introducing & teaching new concepts
                (cloudy, misting, 37°, 15 mph wind, 3 hours door-to-door, What fun!)
  5   "Sand Pond" - five blinds off walking 5 "poorman" singles, theme for all marks & blinds
       angle entries and exits, through willow or cattail cover & up and down the banks of dry
       pond beds (100-150 yard range) Note: excellent lines, no squaring or cheating cover
       and her literal casting is progressing well ( good session!)  
  6   U-Rock - 6 R-R-T'r concept doubles (short/long/primary selection), S-drill       
  7   Snow! - do short walking doubles (practicing primary selection sequence SLOW
       (good session = lots of "reps" got her motion and "foot work" cleaned up),  S-drill
  8   "Med Center" - 6 marks from launchers with "blind" pile (alternate primary selection)      
  9   Bong - three launcher singles (75 yards) each with a blind (125, 200, 175 yards),
       three honors with Lick retrieving; used holding blind, gun rack & gun, bucket, duck
       call, many extra dry fires (poppers & primer pistol), emphasis on line manners  SLOW
       Definitive Casting Drill 6 (poison from the left)   2-3 inches of snow! Ponds iced over.
       (very productive session - tune-up for HRC test)      
10   Stoughton - 2 land remote launcher triples (125, 200, 150 yards),
       (left to right & right to left) using holding blind, gun rack & gun, bucket, duck call, two
       stickmen judges (emphasis on line manners) SLOW     
       Definitive Casting Drill 5a+ (Link) north off the point (from west),
       W - drill stickmen "poorman" marks
(indents & big angle back throws), back to the place
       board (125, 50, 145, 60, 130 yards), repeated to the opposite side with four more marks
       (another excellent training session - developing good marking habits & using her eyes
       well.......for an upland hunting dog) Note: the big bonus of "poorman" marks is that you
       can clearly see how the dog deals with a mark (head, nose, eyes, speed, pattern) so much
       less is seen from the line
 1 easy (but very cheaty) "poorman" splash triple with diversion (water)
        Definitive Casting Drill 6 (land - delayed poison)

Ap. 12  Regular Hunt Finished Test - Mississippi Flyway HRC  Joy, IL 
picked up in the land series  
neat test almost 100 white rag geese decoys in a
            semi-circle in front, honor and running dog shooting at first two marks, the first was a
            wiper from the right that lands 20 yards in front, the next is a 90 yard mark to the far
            right under the arc of the wiper across some rolling terrain with a change in cover,
            the third mark is about 100 yards about 150°back to the left in rolling terrain, the
            diversion occurs on the last mark with the blind out at 99 yards right in a line over the fall
            area of the first mark   Taffey looked at all the white going to the line and was out in
            space, the wiper got a big jumping creep (2 yards) but she sat and just barely saw all
            the marks, picked up the first two, forgot the third's location blew a few casts to get it
            (should have picked her up here after not picking her up right off the line (duh!) then
            she was totally out of it on the blind (didn't want to cast into the wind) and I picked her
            up, scratched from the water and went home        (Where did this dog come from?)   
               note : 1) sudden case of test wise? last tests were in February and she was solid?
                         2) all the white and/or not enough airing blew her mind?
                         3) last time she acted like this she was in heat a week later?
             What fun!?  Today was a "not do".         
Ap. 13   Day off! ponder?

14        easy day - review whoa yard training
15        review upland pointing & handling with 6 launcher pigeons (quarter, respond, point
            with hardly any creeping (a little one of them), timed up to 3 minutes before launch,
            steady to flush, "whoa goes", road three miles, buy 32 quail to keep at Jim's farm
            (this went much better than expected)
            evening trainer training session & advice, "good stuff!"         
16        did 9 quail at Jim's (2 extra points and flushes), shot five for her, a few "fly-aways"
            for creeping, rest points & me flush - working check cord with dog alone
            (call Toubl Game Farm about Afgan hen pheasants & chukars)   
            did one easy mark with a blind (work ed very, very slowly on all bird deliveries)
            evening - work on stick conditioning, slower "take", higher standards (focus)
17        did 3 quail one at a time (shot one), upland field OB, ran two cold blinds,
            road three miles, continue stick conditioning,  "whoa goes" 
18        W cold land set-up (2 dummy piles at each, 150, 75, 150, 75, 150 yards),
            ran "one" W then turned around and ran three water cold blinds, 1st across a point & out
            into field (land/water/point/water/land), 2nd down the channel, 3rd across different
            point/out and up on top of mound (125, 100, 150 yards),
            turned around and ran W second time, moved to technical pond & ran cold blind with
            a 30 yard land entry across two points to a third point (175 yards),       
            finished to the left by running a "three fan" land cold blind set-up (125, 150, 175 yards)
            (demanded accurate casts, worked very slowly on retrieve/release and continued stick
            conditioning)     finished "fresh as daisy" and looking for more - excellent work!!!
               stopped at vets for 6 month ProHeart Worm shot, weight = 74 pounds (cut food back)
               start oral anti-fungal pills (14 day treatment)
19        Day off!   
20        worked with trainer - holding blind/stick correction/line manners on two winger singles,
            road four miles  
21        ran triple set-up with gunners (80, 125, 100 yards), Taffey was to run last, any motion
            at the line would be stick corrected and back to the truck, first bird (good), second (back
            to the truck), next time out sat very solid and stepped on all three marks, ran the blind
            150 yards up the middle.......afterwards worked 6 quail (two at a time - planted on the
            ground = no launchers, shot one), road four miles   
22        ran triple set-up with gunners (different area - 160, 115, 75 yards - right to left) short
            bird last down, Maxx 5000 diversion on the return of the long memory bird, 150 yard
            blind up the middle five yards behind the middle gunner, made correction for line
            manners (moving) and put her back in the truck, came back out and she stepped on the
            first two marks and missed the last bird by five yards to left checked up and went right to
            it, ran right past the diversion, delivered third bird and picked up the diversion, LINED
            the blind (very sharp!), did 6 quail upland with launchers (2 sets of three) & shot two
            for her, dropped off both bird crates at Toubl Game Birds, road four miles (evening)
23        pick up 8 chukars & 2 pheasants at Toubl, ran set-up 1st R-R-T'r double (remote send
            line) with diversion plus a 200 yard blind, afterwards - upland 2 quail, 1 chukar
            repeat double (different area & reverse side remote send) with 100 yard blind
            afterwards repeated more work upland  - 1 quail, 1 chukar and 1 pheasant     
24        worked 2 quail, 2 chukars and 2 pheasants (shot three), used 1 more quail with some
            flight feathers removed to simulate bird walking away from gunner (steadiness)
            Hook Lake - 2 R-R-T'r water doubles with blinds & diversions (1st double (Link)= 150 &
            100 yards with a 150 yard blind down the middle) (2nd double (Link) = 150 & 75 yards
            with a 150 yard blind "down the shore"), emphasis on line manners (excellent day)
25        1 hour run in the upland field for control and OB at "Macktown", mixed in four cold
            blinds (125-160 yards) = excellent straight line running ("dead bird"/"back" switch
            from quartering  to straight line is perfectly clear), zero cast or whistle refusals, 2-4 casts
            on the first three blinds with two very nice long angle backs to the blinds, no scallops,
            last blind = 160 yards was angled 45 °across a grass covered road bed with small ditches
            on both sides, through patches of varying cover (some high grass & hammocks, but good
            visibility of dog), slightly rolling terrain, cross wind open field with a few small
            shrubs, she lined it - running hard (immediately called it a day, back to the truck!),
            yard OB drills with stick conditioning, leave for Joy, IL at 5:00 pm        

Ap.  26  Joy, IL  APLA Grand Master Pointing Retriever Test  

            knew we were in big trouble when she couldn't even do the regular holding blind
            routine, one step is the "down position which she totally refused to do (should have
            picked her up right there and went back to the truck),  TOO WIRED at the line & that
            was it in the first series (water), steady, but no focus, blind run first in a stick pond,
            cast & whistle refusals, "sucked" to land and stumbled on blind = went home early, what
            a huge difference between training & tests, performances have "gone south"
            clearly "test wise" & "newbie" training/handler issues
            Taffey gets BIG TIME OFF, she has more that done her job
27        Blonhaven "Euro" Pheasant shoot(400 pheasants with four dog handlers) Lick did five
            rounds & Taffey did seven rounds plus picked up all the marks Lick didn't see (Taffey
            ran 20+ blinds between 50 to 150 yards excellent straight lines & handled
            well = reinforces "test wise" as THE issue) afterwards cleaned the outlying fields for
            cripples and "other" birds - she is one tired dog, and it was fun watching her do all that
            retrieving, warm  & sunny = 4 gallons of water, hosed off after both the tower shoot and
            field scouring  (Taffey & Ripley worked together afterwards for about an hour, Lick and
            the other two handlers' dogs had nothing left for the clean-up)
28-30   Days off!  May 1-3  More days off! lay around the house and hold the rug down 
May 2   ran the short gunner station in an Open FT event (Madison Retriever Club), great view of
            the handlers and forty dogs dealing with a tough quad, I wore a white coat over my
            "camo" windbreaker - 29 dogs got carried (left with the dream of being able to do that
            some day) Taffey could do three of the marks, but the long mark (retired gunner) was
            a killer for many , series = "no tricks, here's four birds, see if you can pick them up"           
4          back to training - establish new test OB and holding blind standards 
            trained at Brad's, two sessions in different areas, used two holding blinds, lots of noise,
            any motion or heeling problems got heavy corrections (no collar) and back to the truck,
            two sessions = back to the truck on first & a very careful dog on the second (it's a start!) 
5          Day off!
6          Stoughton FT area  - land & water doubles with a blind using remote launcher & winger
            land = 250 & 75 yards with 240 yard blind up the  middle  
            water = 175 & 100 yards with 200 yard blind behind  mark (points and angle entries)
            strict line manners having good effect there, but marking precision has dropped off
            (shorten and simplify marks for awhile)
            (note: blinds = remember - bring back to the original position on a poor cast)
7          Day off!
8          Forest Preserve field: 12 "poorman" stickman marks (50 - 125 yards) with return
            to place board, two blinds (75 & 100 yards)  
            three pile angle back review with precise sits, casts and delivery standards - slow! 
9          Day off!           
10        ran two different KRD's at "The Hills" & use remote winger for mark
            1st standard set-up (125, 150, 85 yards blinds with 60 yard mark) retrieved left to right
            2nd very tight, different area, retrieved right to left with last blind under the arc
            one remote winger 150 yard single water mark parallel to shore of lake's dam (to cool off)
11        drizzle, 37°wind chill, too nasty & quit early, helped Brad with his dog's marking,
            Taffey used to excite "Tonka" about retrieving (he watched some & has avoidance issue),
            Demo'd three-handed casting   
12        ran "in your face" remote winger marks at "The Quarry" with Dokkens & real ducks,
             worked on switching sides while maintaining focus (up the ante on line manners, lots of
             shooting at the line, any motion, except on command = correction, no retrieve)
             ran one 100 yard remote winger mark parallel to the south shore
             three pile water casting drill (50, 100, 75 yards & long angle casts, nine swims)
13         Stoughton (change plans/ others training) = ran 5W- stickman marks using duck with
             return to the line routine (5 to the right, then 5 to the left, from northeast mound,
             160, 80,160, 80, 160 yards) *** ran three water blinds, angle entry/exit 80 yards on first,
             across point 175 yards on second, remote winger, big splash poison bird off to the left at
             75 yards, switched heeling side, ran long, tough shore suction at 200 yards on the third,
              then picked up the poison bird 
             (ran straight and hard on all ten marks, initial lines on blinds were excellent, casts on
              tough blinds were good, getting better about fading with suction, quicker whistles have
              helped to reduce tendency to start a hunt when exiting water, two blinds today when
              leaving the water "rolled on" in a straight line, other started to hunt = stopped quickly)
14          Rain = Day off!    
15          FT group - gunner & winger double (250 & 150 yds),  single (200 yds), blind (250 yds)
              ran long with "mo" to the correct side of the station, but marking poor (hunted all &
              needed handling on first when she picked up scent from the memory bird downwind),
              blind was tough close and "hacky"  (not a very good day, but she does seem to learn
              from tough days like this)        
16          "Rockcut State Park"- more "in your face" winger ducks for line corrections with
              two-sided heeling changes, 5 remote winger singles (pinned last two, primer shot
              device worked well) five cold blinds at "The Square Pond" (used ducks, handling
              much better)             
17          Day off!
18          Badger State HRC training day at Eagle (main emphasis =  test wise issue!)
              ran triple (100, 100, 50 yards) with a 99 yard blind through the short fall,
              (just as the third bird went down, four people apparently picking mushrooms walked
              right by the winger station and into the edge of the woods directly in line with and 20
              yards beyond the fall, after finally getting here no'd off the pickers she needed handled
              to the mark), ran the two right marks (in different fall area, used secondary selection
              and changed heeling sides on delivery ran simple pond double with channel blind          
19          "Rockcut State Park"- five "in your face" winger Dokken's plus 2 doubles, with lots of
              primer shots, re-heeling and line manners showing improvement and more awareness
              ran 10 marks off of 5-W "poorman" stickmen back to line marks (150, 75, 150, 75, 150 yds)
              ran two cold blinds (link) (175 & 200 yds, one whistled and four whistled)
              (excellent attitude and trained well)              
20          "Rockcut State Park" - ran two sets of  4 inline "poorman" stickmen marks and back to
              the line, ran walking singles (50-75 yds high wind), "in your face" singles and doubles
              using primer pistol  with Lick and Taffey taking turns retrieving or honoring       
21          Day off!  
22          Stoughton - ran two singles (300, 200 yds. - FT group had set-up a triple & asked if
              I'd like to run) small hunt on the long one after running to the gunner & she ran right to
              the other mark, ran five pile water casting drill in swim-by pond, ran two long remote
              winger single marks lots of land leading to an across some water mark (need to work
              on maintaining the line when entering the water - not looking to area/simpify) 
23           Day off!
24           Yard work, Taffey lounged around the yard while I pulled weeds (Day off!)
25           Day off! 
26           Lining, push/pull drills &  re-heeling two-side practice
27           Stoughton - W stickmen marks (125, 75, 125, 75, 100 yds), three inline singles
              (100, 150, 200 yds), three across the swim-by pond 100 yd marks (with Chris)
28           Eagle - ran KRD twice (60 yd remote winger mark thrown over line of blind #1 at
              120 yds, #2 middle blind 200 yds, blind #3 on the right at 160 yds. ran mark then
              blinds 1,3,2 tight (30°), repeated with the mark now a poison bird, ran 3, mark, 1 then
              2 (re-heeled off of poison mark to run #3 "learned" blind (any re-run blind is no longer
              a cold blind) , line manners very good, 5 blinds on the fish pond with the first one
              remote, stopped on all whistles and patiently waited for every cast (very sharp!)
                 (almost beat the rain)                   
29          "Rockcut" - 4 single remote winger marks 
              run two poison remote winger KRD's in different areas     
May 30   Evan Graham's Dog Training Seminar at Des Plaines Cons. Area, IL
              ran five fairly difficult stickmen singles , marked well, one reason is she has
              done Stickmen drills like this, simulated test conditions were a big bonus (got in some
              excellent corrections, ran two blinds up the "middle* and across, learned more about
              correct casts when dog is dealing with suction and when to a help a dog in trouble ,
              ran stickmen retired gunner drill - neat drill! (first time for her and she crushed it!)  
              What a great experience today was. We went to the Seminar to learn plus find out if
              the "program" to get her under control and more focused at the line was working.  No
              question the day exceeded expectations plus her marking skills have dramatically
May 31   Taffey was used in a sit standard demo (and did super! yet very ironic) I was happy to
              get the chance to have her do this demo. Great training as she is the demo dog at
              finished level in our Annual Badger State HRC Dog Training Seminar (June).
              After watching Evan's dog demonstrate the Definitive Casting Drill 6, we all went to
              another field to run DCC#1, I did accomplish some good things in the drill - short
              whistles and an excellent correction for delivery, but screwed up the actual drill, which
              shows that even though  you know something cold ('cause you've worked on it a lot!),
              if your mind is not balanced **** happens quickly
              This was another outstanding day of learning.
June 1    ran triple (45°), white coats, ducks (with a live flyer last), true QAA standards         
              her manners were very good, picked up the last two ducks down , but evidently forgot
              or didn't see (very well) the first bird down (memory bird) resulting in the second no-go
              she's ever had (250 yard Derby mark last spring), I thought she saw it and when I finally
              said "Dead Bird"/"Back" she lined it, this is the first "big" triple she has ever run and
              the distance of the marks coupled with what a live flyer is supposed to do (erode
              memory) affected her confidence just enough to cause the no-go.  Got in a well
              timed bird handling correction which was effective.
                  These three Journal entries do not give justice to the finer details of each day and
                  fail to describe the wonderful people I met. I could have not scripted a better
                  Seminar experience than these three days!!!
June 2    Day off!
June 3    Walked to a close by Nature Preserve and threw a few short marks out into the marsh
               like we did when she was a puppy. This dog training "stuff" never ceases to be fun!
June 4    Day off!
June 5    Two "poorman" stickmen marks (ducks, primer, 75 yds out & 40 yds apart), Taffey
               returned to line on retrieves, then I returned to the line and ran Taffey on 125 yd blind
               up the middle, ran past scent/falls & flared hill, four whistles to the blind (one scallop) ,
               repeated concept in different field (95 yds out & 30 yards apart with 145 yd cold blind,
               flared left gunner (a little), but split the middle with "mo" & three whistled the blind
               with self-correction of  the flare   note: increase the distance & add wind, water - then
               use remote winger for long distance, gunner marks up the middle (different areas) 
June 6    Day off! rain  
June 7    yard push-pull drill, review three-handed casting with place board for advanced dog
              demonstration Badger State HRC Dog Training Seminar (June 21st - Gander Mnt.)            
June 8    Badger State HRC training session at Eagle Dog Training Area - line standards
               corrections at the line over ran both marks (double) frustration hunt on second, took
               her off the line to come back later for a single mark & re-heeled to run blind before
                  (not a good day, except for corrections)
June 9-11    Days off!
JJune 12  helped Brad with started dog, Taffey ran a big water 150 yard cold blind with a long
              land angle entry (three casts - nice job with excellent, long initial line) 
June 13  walking "poorman" singles (8 marks - 75 yds to 225 yds) - "Sand Ponds" area terrain
              and cover ideal for these types of marks including small rises for Taffey to sit on, warm
June 14  Day off!  
June 15 "Rockcut" - 7 remote winger "in your face" marks with re-heels to run at two different
              blind piles (line manners control issue - no ready/set/go attitude or movement),
              ran seven blinds (link) at "The Square Pond" (75, 85, 125, 90, 90, 110, 125 yards)
              very responsive, not leaning hard when locked, but excellent angle entries & lines,
              popped on land 4th blind immediate correction got her "flying" quickly, all entries         
              were airborne  
June 16-18 R&R   <FrontLine Plus>
June 19  Roland Olson Forest Preserve - walking singles, mini- KRD and a "poorman" triple
June 20  yard work on  re-heeling motion ( one side to another)
June 21  Badger State HRC Dog Training Seminar at Gander Mountain- Taffey did the
              advanced dog demonstration (two sessions)- walking singles and back to to place
              board, two dummy - 3 handed casting, water triple with a blind and two diversions,
              honor and "pick-up" (easy fun with unusual distractions)
June 22  Badger group session at Eagle DTA - winger triple with bucket poppers, short wiper
              with a blind (line manner corrections, worked on pre-casting on blind, retrieved
              marks out of order (for line control), used both sides and re-heeled on blind and last
              bird), water double with channel blind, memory bird picked up after the blind,
              diversion, re-heeled twice (before blind and after pick up of last bird)
                     land marking work mediocre (line corrections), water was excellent!  
June 23-5 R&R - company, soccer, fishing trip    
June 26 "Sand Ponds" - four remote "poorman" singles (100, 150, 200, 225 yds followed by
              200 yd blind (set-up link) - Taffey sent back to line), different area - four remote
              "poorman" inline singles (100, 150, 200, 250 yds with 300 yd blind - same routine)            
June 27 Stoughton -  ladder marks drill for land/water/land/water/land pattern blind (50, 75, 100,
             125, 175 yards) - "poorman" stickmen Taffey returns to the line routine), 6 walking
             "poorman" marks across the technical pond (175, 150, 150, 175, 200, 225 yds same line
             routine), 225 yd blind across two points & down the "tech" pond, 275 yd blind (link)
             across two points on the "big" pond,  (marked well - enter area of fall with more
             purpose, handled well at "big" distances, note: angle  backs still too much over if quiet)
             W- marking drill (link) (8 land marks 75 & 175 yds alternating - same line
             routine), land triple followed by two long singles with Retrieve-R-T'r (75, 150, 75 yds)
                 (trained from 5:30-8:00 am alone - perfect weather = sunny, 60°, nice breeze, low
                 humidity) Taffey trains like a BEAR, airborne entries going out and coming back, rips
                 back to line line ("place") on all "poorman" stickmen drills then chases Lick all over the
                 place trying to maul her when we're finished    
                     NOTE: 4,200 yards of water/land marks + 3,100 yards of land marks = 7,300 yards
                                over 4 miles in 26 "sprints" with an average distance of  280 yards each          
                  short term plan - train for HRCH (Finished Title), have one pass & need 3 more,
                  "snag" = heat cycle due middle of August & Wisill/Badger State HRC Aug. 23,24 
                  decrease white coat training & increase shooting at the line ("bucket stuff")
June 28  Day off!
June 29  Stoughton (early) - three walking "poorman" singles (75 yds land, 75 yds on to point,
              150 yds across two points, turned June 27th 275 yard blind into a pattern blind,
              re-visited Force to Water ala Evan Graham's  Seminar technique/notes 
                 (backing up - finished forcing from behind a huge mound, went well)
June 30  Day Off! 
July    1  Stoughton (early) - solidified 275 yard two point (water) pattern blind, ran 9 walking
              "poorman" single marks with the "line routine" (five inline and four check-down)
                  note: pinned three & marked all areas well, hunt pattern tighter & more consistent
July    2-3 R&R
July    4  Stoughton (early, after storm) - ran 275 yd pattern blind (twice, used ducks),
              ran 6 R-R-T'r singles and 1 double, two honors with Lick  
July    5  Day off!    
July    6  Stoughton (early, ahead of storm) - ran remote launcher triple (link) (240, 145, 45 yds),   
              ran 275 yd pattern blind (link) (twice, used ducks), three honors with Lick 
July    7  morning storm & hot - Day off!  

July    8  Stoughton (ahead of storm - again!) - ran remote launcher triple (link) (175, 140, 45 yds)
              ran 275 yd pattern blind (lined it), ran 250 yard "cheaty" angle entry with thin point and
              mark's arc "in and out" behind large single tree, repeated & lined the pattern blind
                   note: time to establish the second leg of the pattern blind  

July 9-10  R & R
July   11 Stoughton (early) - note: first day with Bushnell YP 1000, Wow! sure wrong about yds.  

established second leg of pattern blind 176 yds ran it twice, then ran a 75 yd remote
              winger mark before lining the 216 yd leg, set-up a W - marking drill with stickmen
              across water (143, 118, 152, 132, 171 yards) Steve threw marks, set-up a water double
              with a blind up the middle past a remote winger "poison bird" (too close to the line of
              the blind), shot from the line ala HRC, ran easy land double with blind (105, 65, 70 yds)
                  note: ran with no noise & marked off the gun well, line manners much improved
                           ready for August HRC Finished Tests  

July   12  Day off!
July   13  yard work - selection drill   
July   14  "Rockcut" - marking off the gun bucket drill, remote launcher triples
               with 180° (4 left & 3 right, any foot tapping or creeping corrected = stick and/or
               back to truck), trucked 4 times, last run = no tapping or creep and less "lean"
July   15  "Rockcut" (morning) - marking off the gun bucket drill- three triples sets
               "Sand Ponds" (late evening) - walking singles - six marks (85-105 yards),
                three blinds  (75-137 yards)
                                   Note: mail in HRC Finished entries (Aug. 23-4)
July   16  Day off!    
July   17  Stoughton (early) -  train with Chris, ran pattern blind (both legs),
               ran two easy channel blinds (mostly woked with Chis's dog)
July   18  Day off!
July   19  Madison RC  work day, ran four "over the point" marks early, trained with small
               group in the afternoon - ran short, cheaty water, "in your face" remote winger
               triple with a 103 yard blind up-the-middle)
                 note: cheated water twice, switched, hacked the blind, heavy line manner pressure!
               ran double plus two blinds (different), picked up go bird ran blind, picked up memory
               ran second blind       note: different dog, much improved & nice job  

ran four "whoa/go" drills        
July   20  yard - 180°bucket drill (YBD)  

July   21  repeat slower, quieter and more deliberately the YBD 
July   22  "Sand Ponds" walking singles, YBD
July   23  YBD, easy day
July   24  YBD, easy day
July   25  Stoughton (early) - trained with Chris & set-up five blinds to run one after a single
               Retrieve-R-T'r mark, two handlers, two dogs, running dog handler shoots gun from a
               bucket & honoring dog/handler "shoots" mark with Retrieve-R-T'r, teams alternate &
               each dog runs five set-ups and honors five set-ups, remote winger diversions bird on
               the last mark, lots of duck calls and "motion" at the line, holding blinds to start and
               dogs "put up" once                   
               Bong (evening) - trained with Tom, ran double with a blind in the Retriever Pond,
               honored on same set-up      note: Stick Pond is useless!
July   26  Day off! 
July   27  Bong (Badger State HRC training day) - "Gravel Pond", short, easy, three splash, wide
               triple (middle/left/right - 75, 60,50 yards), tough 112 yard blind up-the-middle with an
               "in-your-face" diversion, finished off with a 50 yard blind off to the left 
                   note: need to do maintenance drills to reduce scalloping   
               ran ladder marks (no break) on the over-grown runway (92, 145, 212, 278, 348 yards),
               reason = Muddy Waters RC Fun Day "Longest Retrieve" contest, intense lean and
               good marks from the line, full speed out and back, no heat distress
               and ready for more, she loves to run big, is in shape & tough!      
               (partial clouds, nice breeze, low humidity, 75°)
                   note: new rangefinder proved very useful   
July   28  Med Center - Review "big" semi-wagon wheel drill, 90 yard diameter semi-circle
               with seven piles 15°apart, place board in the center & teaching/review casts made
               from 25 yards in front of place board, four dummies in each pile (cast back to board)
                  note: very sloppy in the beginning, some confusion and certainly wasn't paying close
                            attention to the different angles, attrition and no or good got her focused
                            and she figured it out after about 24 carefully sequenced casts         
               final review after a short water break = ran the eight casts from 45 yards in front of
               the place board, doing right verbal over, right silent 60°angle back, right silent 75°
               angle back and  a verbal right back, repeated same sequence starting with the left over
                    note: she took all eight casts correctly  
July   29  Stoughton (early - 6 am, 58°) - set-up & ran a cold, land semi-wheel in calf-high wet
               grass (19 retrieves), this went well, then transitioned it to the end of a wide channel
               formed by two points in the technical pond, went as expected, initially quite a bit of
               swimming with attrition, the piles were semi-visible and created some suction as did
               the points (14 retrieves), finally seems to have learned the distinction between the
               unacceptable scallop and silent straight angle backs (60° & 75°)
                     note: review this drill once a week (fewer retrieves, land & water) through August
               ran "poorman" mark (northeast mound to southwest mound) 356 yards from a place
               board  (Taffey sits on board, I drive truck back around field trial grounds road,
               walk 100 over yards over to the SW mound, fire the primer pistol and throw the
               dummy, release Taffey by shouting her name, she lines the mark, but runs right over
               it, checks down at 400 yards and comes back on the line to pick it up, we get in the
               truck, drive back up to the NE mound to get the place board, 7:45 am head on home)        
July   30  Day off!
July   31  Stoughton (early) - train with Chris (work on "cheaty stuff"), ran six-pile casting drill
                in a big channel (down the shore - left and right), ran 8 walking singles with both
                dogs - across points, angle entries & exits (splash, shore and out on land),
                worked on bucket pivot with shotgun (11 "dry fires")        
                      note: after HRC test - work on driving long after water exits  
Aug      1  YBD, yard OB
Aug      2  Muddy Waters RC Fun Hunt near Wasau, WI (Taffey's birthday - 3 years old)
                ran "mock" seasoned test, tried to pull her off go bird (been working on this in training)
                thought she was but swung back toward go bird and had to handle her on both easy
                marks, lined the blind, Noah ran her in a started junior handler - he did a very good
                job, "big air" - 6 and 10 feet (we need practice! - not gonna' happen!), fastest retrieve
                (5th), longest retrieve - great line  & jumped on the 150 yarder, perfect line and pin on
                the 250 yard mark, didn't even see the 350 yard mark (looked away at just the wrong
                time), extremely valuable training day,....... and fun!
Aug      3  Work Amateur FT at Stoughton - Madison Retriever Club (Taffey - Day off!)
                dry fire (popper) gunner station on 2 blind series & 1st bird retired gunner in a quad
Aug      4   Set up training schedule with focus on HRC Finished test - 19 days
                 YBD (drill about every other day), marking set-ups - indents, hip pocket, in-line
                 (triples - as singles, double with single, & triples), multiple blinds (land & water),
                 walk-ups (use ducks), use live flyers each week, work on line manners and control,
                 diversions, honors
                     train at Bong - six days, Hook Lake - three days, Stoughton - three days,
                                 Rockton - three times, Whitewater - twice, Janesville - twice,
                                 Sand Ponds - four times, do YBD - seven times                       
Aug      5   YBD, Sand Ponds - 3 easy concept triples
Aug      6   Bong (Gravel Pond) -  one live flyer walk-up with a blind, 1 blind off remote launcher
                 live flyer single (Taffey sitting at heel), 1 blind off hand-tossed live flyer (Taffey
                 in remote sit), 1 blind off remote launcher "dead" duck, 2 Retrieve-R-T'r (short, long)
                 followed by a remote launcher mark (duck, bucket, popper gun) for a 40° water triple
                 with all marks out & up on land), repeat triple on land (180°, last go "duck" in water)
                          note: handled very well in water, slow down casts on land (she's too quick!)
                                   easily remembered all marks, watch angle entry "intentions"
                                   high sit/line standards with heeling stick, fresh ducks handled very well
                                   sharp training session!  
Aug      7   Stoughton (early) -  multiple blinds (2 water - link & 3 land - link), bucket popper drill,
                2 remote launcher doubles - one down the shore & a tight indent (bucket & popper gun)
                (setup #1- link , setup #2 - link)
                           note: literal casting improving, excellent "mo" on blinds, pre-casted on longest
                                    blind (made her sit longer), line manners improving (less anxiety),
                                    easy, solid session     
Aug      8   Bong (early) - train with Brent, set of 5 land marks - 50-150 yards (2 dogs/handlers
                 walking singles), (Retriever Pond) remote launcher & gunner big swing triple with
                 blind & diversion, 1 remote launcher walkup, three pile angle casting drill (demo)
                           note: lots of honoring & did fine, ran triple set-up "super" and two whistled
                                    the blind (two very nice slight angle backs), much better at  swinging
                                    with the gun - YBD helping, line manners continue to improve (5 month
                                    project paying off -  getting her under control helps me relax)             

Aug      9   Day off!  
Aug     10  Hook Lake (late morning) - three different Retrieve-R-T'r/remote launcher doubles
                 with three blinds & diversions (HRC Finished distances, bucket & popper gun) 
                 double #1 (link) - marks (55 & 93 yds), blind (96 yds)
                 double #3 (link) - marks ( (62 & 101 yds), blind (107 yds)    
                            note: water blinds - very good initial lines, one whistled first two with
                                     perfect angle backs, last used five whistles with a tight line,
                                     stick correction for creeping (about three feet) on last double
Aug     11  Stoughton (early) - train with Brad, four off the big mound walking singles, two pile
                 very "cheaty" water lining drill, ran the two Madison Am.FT blinds (got 'em, but
                 wouldn't have been called back), two long land/water/land doubles (this type of
                 factor is a weakness, not much better (squaring and suction) = go back to singles &
                 return to place board  might increase repetition learning)     
Aug     12  Day off!
Aug     13  Bong  - ten walking singles (water/land, duck, primer pistol, HRC distances 80-120
                yards, remote send & return to line/"place"), five land blinds 86 -123 yards, shooting
                from the line, three bucket drill triples  (left to right, right to left, middle/right/left)
Aug     14  Stoughton - train with Chris, three tough water blinds (ducks), bucket popper
                drill - three triples, ten walking land singles (2 dogs/handlers, ducks)  
                Janesville, WI - HRC training       
Aug     15  Stoughton - two "modified" Tune Up Drills - A = 4-piles with three dummies, run from
                 left-side & B = 6-piles with two dummies, run from right-side (emphasis on angle
                 entries and "cheaty" water corners), bucket drill (3 triples)                           
Aug     16  Day off! Hot!
Aug     17  Bong (weed removal work day, Whew!) - early, five blinds with the last two poison
                 birds (in the "Retriever Pond"); afternoon,  eight "poorman" walking singles with
                 return to line for remote sends (highlands above the "Stick Pond")  
Aug     18  Stoughton - two dog "poorman" singles (five land & one water), bucket drill (three
                 rounds), "vets" -  both dogs Lepto booster shot, weight (Taffey - 68 lbs & Lick - 79 lbs),
                 sent entry form for Fox River Valley HRC Finished test on Sept. 20th
Aug     19  Day off! Hot - good day to let down
Aug     20  Bong (early) - trained with Brent, full bucket drill, ran two land blinds (with ducks),
                 ran a live flyer walk-up (handler shooting duck), did another live flyer over water
                 (Brent was the gunner), ran remote winger & gunner double with diversion (ducks) -
                 bucket & gun HRC style in the Gravel Pond, ran six water Tune Up blinds,
                 ran Retrieve- R-Trainer double (link) at the H Pond
                                 note: Taffey back to the truck on first bucket drill
Aug     21  Stoughton (early, forecast - 94°) -  trained with Chris, ran four land singles (ducks), 
                 ran two blinds through & across the falls/lines of the marks, ran 112 yard "cheaty"
                 water blind (duck), ran four solid "cheaty" water singles (ducks) - HRC style
                                 note: Taffey back to the truck on first land single                     
Aug     22  ten hand-thrown swimming singles at Legend Lake
Aug   23,24   Wisill & Badger State HRC Finished Tests  (Lick Started test dog Sunday) 
                                note: when taking Taffey to the bitch check it was obvious we had made no
                                         dent in the 5 month long program to change the test-wise problem,
                                         after picking up everything in the water series, scratched her from
                                         the land series and Sunday's test, very disappointing    
Aug. 28th Taffey goes to a pro for a few months - change of scenery, evaluate, more work,
                 maybe run some Q's 
                road Lick two miles (am) again two miles (pm)                        
Aug. 29    road Lick four miles split (same way as Thursday)
Aug  30    road Lick two miles (morning)  & review three-handed casting (evening)
Aug  31    scouted southern Wisconsin farm for dove - used mountain bike and Lick
                ran two miles, picked worst time of day, still saw dove
Sept  1     scouted hunters at Storr Lake and Lima areas - no shooting   
Sept  2     dove hunt at Brad's (take Lick)
Sept  3-6  days off (simple yard work)
Sept  7     dove hunt at Milton (take Lick)     
Sept  8     day off
Sept  9     road Lick easy two miles    
                Taffey is entered to run AKC Master at Horicon, WI (Sept. 20th)
Sep 10-12 easy yard work -  casting & OB  
Sept  13    road Lick two miles
Sept 14-19  easy work with Lick  
                 (realized I had the Chinese & Tune Drills' names reversed & corrected Journal)