Kwick Hide
Awhile ago, I finally decided to get a dog hide to train out of to prepare for field and pot hole duck
               hunting. However, the one I wanted is on back order and I have a lot of time with this long heat wave.
               So the first thing to do was design the frame work for a Kwick Hide using 3/4' and 1/2 CPCV.  Bimini
               top accessories were used to allow the frame to fold.                         

                                                                              Kwick Hide
design                    July 27th, 2006

               The Universal "camo" denier fabric came in today, and the next three steps were completed.               

                  cement bottom
                                            section of frame
    cut "camo" 
                               floor section

 (click on thumbnails)     
    glue floor
                               fabric in place 
July 31st

               After the glue dries, the Speedy Stitcher sewing awl will stitch the flaps for extra support.

                                              Speedy Stitcher     bottom (underside)
                               glued & stitched

                Step six will be to lay the fabric around the fully assembled & cemented framework for a fitting.  Two
                temporary supports will be inserted to keep the form correct until glued and stitched. 

                                                  partial Fit

         folding capabilities
                                    half way into fitting

August 1st
                                                                               main frame
                                                                                                         glue work finished

                                                                                                         All seams are now stitched.        August 2nd

                                                Taffey Hide
                                                                             1st day
                 Kooly Hide
                                              1st day
August 2nd

                The back and front "camo" panels are left off for initial training.  It folds flat.  When the end panels
                are added there will be loops for the raffia grass. Three "hanks" of raffia goes a long way and it is
                easy to spray paint for a more layered, natural look.
 The next hide will have a rounded top using
                three bimini type supports constructed of flexible plastic tubing and fold to half the length of #`1.  .                     

                                                folded                three "hanks"
                                         of raffia grass

                    note: If you have a lot of spare time, this is a fun project. However, the commercial dog hides
                             are not that expensive for what you get. The Kwick Hide will be fine for training, and it
                             will save wear and tear on the one for hunting that I might buy once back order issues
                             are resolved.

                    update: December. 2006......after training in this hide and adding split panel "curtains" the
                                 hide was used for field goose hunting with Daisy (works fine)

                                                             Daisy with a two'fer" (one shot & two geese)

                                            Gunny & Taffey working out of a "Kwick Hide" & Avery Ultra Low

"Kwick Hide" in a steady training session