Kwick "Johnny" House
note: special thanks to Marlana aka "Hooligan"

                               "ready to move"
   Kwick's PVC
 "water & feed"
         'hanging PVC"
                                               "first in the field"
                                   "flight window"

                     The Johnny House went in the field on Sunday, September  22, 2007. Monday
                     morning eighteen 12 week old chukars at $4.75 apiece were placed up the funnel
                     into their new home.  The plan is to "not bother them" for about two weeks. 

                     There is a cool deer stand back by the tree line.

                                               "chukars today"
                     Texas Deer Stand
                          (in N. Illinois)

                     The water tube holds 3 gallons of water (but only put 2 gallons in). The game farm
                      breeder said to hang the watering "nipples" at bird's eye level.  The feeding tube
                      holds way over 25 cups of game bird pellets.

                      First issue:
                             Wow! They sure can "scratch" out the pellets. In less than a day they had
                             "wasted" almost 25 cups of food. A temporary "fix" was a piece of plywood
                             beneath the tube to catch some of the pellets. Tomorrow, I will install "inserts"
                             (made from PCV tubing) in each "feeder hole".....,,kind of like an anti-scratch
                             standpipe (in theory). 
                             A 1" lengthwise slot was cut in 1" diameter PVC tubing. Eight 1
" sections
                             of the tubing were cut with a chop saw....then smoothed out with a Dremel and
                             sand paper. Using jaw-grip, adjustable pliers the "rings" were compressed
                             and slid down into the openings of the feeder. The slot cut in the insert is
                             placed toward the back and allows the pellets to flow into the opening, but
                             not clear to the top.  The PVC standpipes will serve to keep the chukars from
                             flipping "money'' out of the feeder hole. Which gives a "hole" new meaning
                             to "bird flippin' ".

                                                         PVC "inserts"
        "insert placement"

                   Oct  4  The chukars have been in the Johnny House for 10 days. On the 8th
                                day there was at least one chukar that had made it up to the "lookout"
                                ledge. The feeder is working just fine now (with the modification). The
                                waterer couldn't work much better. Changed water after 7 days with an
                                initial "charge" of two gallons. There was about
gallon left. Poured 1
                                gallon of very weak bleach solution in at first to give it a good rinsing
                                and then filled with 2 gallons of fresh water.  The chain hangars near the
                                door make removal simple and quick.  The single handles mounted up
                                near the top make the tubes much easier to "handle".

                                The chukars all look very strong and healthy.

                                I have a large metal bird cage which has been used to keep chukars in
                                for a few weeks (sometimes).  The plan is to put the cage up against
                                the open "funnel door" and let a few wander down the ramp ("outside")
                                for some "free time" over a period of three or four days. After a couple of
                                days of going in and out the door, the funnel will be inserted "upping the
                                ante" and making them work a bit more at returning to the feed, water and
                                safety of their Johnny House.  This should imprint a stronger sense of
                                direction and purpose for "recall" (in theory).

                                Arrived late afternoon and placed the cage in front of the door.  Ran
                                Taffey, Kooly and Daisy in the high cover (I walked) and came back 45
                                minutes later.  One chukar was standing in front of the opening (none
                                had gone out).  A stickman entered the Johnny House to scare six
                                chukars out the back door. Left to run Gunny in the short alfalfa field
                                and pick up 4 marks.  The chukars would not go back in until I harassed
                                them with flapping towels.  So far, they remain "pretty dang" clueless.

                                     "spare room"
        "new tenants"

                                            "Do It Yourself" Quail Preserve for Dog Training (link)

                                 (The above Kwick "Johnny" House is based on these plans.)