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Alec@Snowboundkennels - Sun Feb 23, 2003 9:16 am
Post subject: How to run a blind.....

How to run a blind once you get to the line and the dog is lined up ready to

1. When you send your dog expect it to no-go.

2. When it goes expect it to pop.

3. When you blow your whistle expect it to not stop.

4. When it stops expect it to go before you cast.

5. When you cast expect it to go the wrong way. [always be ready for #2-3-4-5
until #7]

6. Expect dog to blink bird or run over it when it gets there.

7. Repeat #2-5 until the dog has bird in mouth.

8. Expect dog to not return when it has bird.

9. Expect dog not to heel when it gets to you.

10. Expect it to not sit when it comes to heel.

11. Expect it to not release bird.

12. Expect dog to lunge after bird as you hand it to the judge

13. Expect dog to not follow you off line.

14. Expect dog to want to "greet" dogs coming to line or in holding blind.

15. Expect dog to not want to get back in truck/box.

16. Don't expect to get a ribbon.

If you approach testing/training in this fashion you'll never be caught not
expecting what happened to happen. You'll be much closer to proactive training
then reactive training and that is a good thing. I'm not suggesting dwelling on
those points, but there are somethings that you need to be aware of. With
inexperienced or under-prepared dogs [ya know some people DO run them], it is
reasonable to expect any of those points to crop up. On the other hand many
people do run dogs that aren't prepared and a good dose of reality is helpful.

Now list of all the things that could go wrong getting from the truck to the
blind and ready to send..