Dusty X Taffey II 

                                Wednesday, April 4th, Taffey was bred to Dusty via surgical implant.
                           Last time, her litter whelped 59 days later.  After a confirmation ultrasound
                         May 2nd, the second litter should arrive about June 2nd. Noting what Dusty
                          and Taffey "bring to the table", this will be an exceptional repeat breeding.                
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                                                                    Taffey's Hunt Test Ribbons

                                        FC Taylorlab Downtown Dusty Brown (Website Link)       

                   Dusty x Taffey pup      Daisy - 4 months
                                 Daisy - 11 months

                                 Daisy - 15 months  
                                   Dusty on point
                                                                  Kwick Daisy's Spirit Keeper - on Point
                              Taffey - upland hunting

                              Taffey - Duck Hunting
                                 Taffey on Point

                            Dusty x Taffey - 1st litter

                                                                        FC "Dusty's" Derby Ribbons
   AKC # SN93249302       
   UKC # R182-990
   OFA # 144259G24M-PI   GOOD
   CERF # LR 41687
   CLEAR  (3/9/05) 
   CNM - # LR-CNM05-297-M-PIV   CLEAR
   Date of Birth    6/29/2002 

            Dusty's Pedigree (Link)

AKC #  SN75985702 
  UKC #  R145-212 
  Micro-chip #430C32214B
  CHIC # 11520
  OFA Hips # LR-126532G25F-Pl     GOOD
  OFA Elbows #LR-EL16857424-Pl  NORMAL
  CERF #  LR-33428--24/2002,3,4        
  CNM   #  LR-CNM06-635-F-PIV  (5/22/06)
  Date of Birth    8/2/2000

           Taffey's Pedigree (Link)
"Dusty's" Accomplishments


   High Point Derby Champion - 72 Points
   Purina Outstanding Field Trial Derby Dog
   Qualified All Age at 20 Months Old - 1st place win


   World Retriever Champion, 2nd Place Winner


   Dusty accumulated 14.5 All-Age Points at 4 years old
   Field Champion Title
   National Open Qualifier

   Open 2nd Place - Jayhawk Retriever Club 4/21/06
   Open 1st Place - Mid Iowa Retriever Club 5/12/06
   Open Jam - Fort Collins Retriever Club 8/6/06
   Open 4th Place - Missouri Valley Fall Field Trial 9/22/06
   Open 2nd Place - Topeka Field Trail 10/6/06   FC

   Amateur Jam - Jayhawk Retriever Club 4/21/06
   Amateur RJ - - Missouri Valley Fall Field Trial 9/22/06
   Amateur 2nd Place - Topeka Field Trial 10/6/06


   Open 4th Place - Alamo Retriever Club  3/2/07
   Open 1st Place - Topeka Retriever Club  4/7/07
   Open 1st Place - Kansas City Retriever Club 4/15/07


Amateur 3rd Place - Topeka Field Trial  4/8/07


             "Taffey's" Accomplishments

      HRC - Started Hunting Retriever Tests
 1st   4/28/01 Fox Valley HRC   Bong Rec. Area, WI 
 2nd  4/29/01 Wisill HRC    Bong Rec. Area, WI
 3rd   5/25/01 Big Wapsie HRC  Tripoli, IA
 4th   5/26/01 Big Wapsie HRC  Tripoli, IA
                  SHR Title (10 months) 
      HRC - Seasoned Hunting Retriever Tests
 1st  8/25/01 Wisill HRC    Bong Rec. Area, WI
 2nd 8/26/01 Badger State HRC Bong Rec. Area, WI
 3rd 10/7/01 Gateway Ret'rs HRC Weldon Springs, MO

HR Title  (14 months)    

       APLA - Certified Pointing Test
 3/16/02  Certified Pointer Title  Joy, IL
                 CP Title  (19 months)  

 5/25/02 At Des Plaines Wildlife Area, IL made it to
               the last duck in the final series, first AKC
               Field Trial Derby - American Amateur
               Retriever Club  (16 dog entry)
                       (21 months)   

      AKC - Senior Hunter Tests
 1st 7/13/02  Fox River Valley RC   Wern Valley, WI
 2nd 8/10/02  Rice Creek RC   Little Falls, MN
 3rd 8/11/02  Rice Creek RC   Little Falls, MN
 4th 8/17/02  Badger Golden RC   Bong Rec Area, WI
 5th 9/2-3/02 Madison RC   Hook Lake, WI 

                 SH Title (25 months) 

     APLA - Master Pointing Retriever Test
 10/12/02 Master Pointing Retriever Title  Roberts, IL
               MPR Title  (26 months)   

      HRC - Upland Hunting Retriever Tests
 1st  2/23/02
  Wisill HRC    Bong Rec. Area, WI
 2nd 2/24/02
 Wisill HRC    Bong Rec. Area, WI
 3rd 2/22/03
  Wisill HRC    Bong Rec. Area, WI
 4th 2/22/03  Wisill HRC    Bong Rec. Area, WI
               UH Title  (30 months) 

      HRCH- Finished Hunting Retriever Tests

 1st  8/24/02  Wisill HRC   Bong Rec. Area, WI
 2nd 8/20/05  Wisill HRC  Bong Rec. Area, WI 
 3rd  8/21/05  Badger State HRC Bong Rec. Area, WI 
 4th  9/10/05  Land O'Lakes HRC Kelly Farms, MN 
 5th  9/11/05  Land O'Lakes HRC Kelly Farms, MN 
                 HRCH Title  (5 years old)
    AKC - Master Hunter Tests
 1st 10/12/03  Labrador Retriever Club        Carlyle, IL 
 2nd 5/30/04  Island View Retriever Club    Valders, WI
 3rd  6/6/04   Madison Retriever Club      Hook Lake, WI
 4th  9/4/05    Madison Retriever Club     Hook Lake, WI 
 5th  9/25/05  Wis. Am. Retriever Club        Horicon, WI  
                  MH Title (5 years old)

        "Dusty Litters Page"

Northern Illinois – Taffey – Yellow – Repeat Breeding
Contact: Jim Boyer – KwickLabs Kennels
Phone: (815) 742-3952
Litter Due: June 2, 2007


    GMPR MHR Rik's Risky Raider MH
MPR UH HRCH Kwick Taffey of JoeMac’s MH

CP JoeMac’s Dakota Rose 

Taffey exemplifies the characteristic drive of a “high roller”, yet, can turn it off in the house. Raider
  bitches have been notorious for possessing great intensity enhanced with precocious trainability.
  Raider’s live to train and hunt plus their water efforts are powerful. Taffey was doing airborne water
  entries at 10 weeks of age, and was the best performing pup from a repeat breeding. The first produced
MHR GMPR Sauk River Feather Storm and MHR CP JoeMac's Dead on Arrival. Taffey’s first litter with
 Dusty is proving to be an outstanding nick.

                                                 For more about this breeding visit Dusty x Taffey II (Link)
                                       Check out a Dusty x Taffey pup, Daisy, on the Little Dustbuckets (Link)