"Graf" (Purple) in Iowa                                                 Returnto: Home Page

eight weeks

"Never....ever.....spoil your hunting dog."


"Is there a trend here?"

dusty grass cutter

The Natural 8/25/05

Angle Exit


There it is!

This is fun!

That's mine!

intense focus on the mark

nailing wood duck mark

3 month old's retrieve

"Daisy" (Orange) in Illinois

eight weeks old

2" bumper to hand


first water retrieves

first Dokken (full sized red head)

Not messin' around!

Hey! Are you watching, Mom and Kooly?

Square Pond

remote winger mark

Daisy is hot "stuff".


(Blue) in Montana

eight weeks old

Where's my food?

"Cheque" 8/9/05

Cheque, JT & Turk

(Red) in Wisconsin

The Natural

Again, please?

Hera "snuggle"

(Pink) in Minnesota