The Cap Gun Trainer is great for young dogs, HRC bucket drills and marking off the gun.

      I bought an inexpensive Walmart 8-shooter cap gun and put a PVC barrel on it. It is light weight which makes
      for ease in handling and is nearly fool proof. The noise it makes will excite the dog while the decibel level
      renders it much more user friendly. There have been few (very rare) misfires which may have been more from
      moisture getting on the "rings" when left loose in my training bag. Keeping them in a secure plastic container
      seems to be working fine.

      One of the problems in HRC training sessions is the push to shoot the gun at the line. The dog and trainer do
      need to be in tune with that routine. However, in most cases the dog really needs a handler that is focusing
      strictly on training. Shooting a real gun may send a message to the dog that you are busy with something
      else and this could be a tenuous situation.........especially for a young dog and an inexperienced trainer.

      With the cap gun, one arm is free to handle the dog and you don't have to be looking or dealing with any gun
      issues (reduced to a minimum). Therefore, you can concentrate on training, still get the dog to mark off the
      "barrel". With the reduced noise level,  it becomes a win/win/win proposition. However, you will loose some
      points with the
testosterone crowd.  

                          American West 8-shooter

  Early HRC with Kooly - training tab, "remote wingers,
  bumpers, camo bucket, place board, cap gun trainer