Breeding for Performance Pictorial             

       MPR UH HRCH Kwick Taffey of JoeMacs's MH had proven her worthiness to be bred.  She is
     an outstanding upland and waterfowl Labrador and performed with drive and style in hunt tests.
     Selecting the right stud required taking into account her strengths and weaknesses and adding
       the stud's traits to produce a pup with even better overall characteristics. The stud needed to
     have as many similar quality traits as possible plus better genetics in those areas where Taffey
                                                                           needed an "upgrade".

      The stud picked was Taylorlab Downtown Dusty Brown QAA. Why? They both are dynamic,
   driven retrievers with a precocious learning trait. They are fast and handle pressure well. Dusty is
   not a large stud and Taffey has good size so the pups will be 60 to 70 pounds. I wanted pups that
      were a bit leaner and longer for increased upland capabilities. Taffey has feathering on her tail
      and flanks......Dusty does not.  Both hold their tails high which is a conformation fault, but the
    pups will probably point which in reality makes it a plus. In analyzing Dusty's pedigree I believed
      the point would be there. After the fact. it was found out that Dusty did indeed point and all six
    pups from this breeding have demonstrated point. Not only will my pup be doing a lot of hunting
        (upland and waterfowl), but serious testing will be high on the priorities.  She's got to move!

    Looking at the pictures of the parents of Taffey, comparing Taffey to Dusty and looking at of my
       pup - Daisy, it is very satisfying to see and learn that the rationale behind this breeding was

                             Rosie (Taffy's Dam)
                           Raider (Taffey's Sire)
                              Taffey (classic head)
                                Taffey (in motion)
                            Taffey (Rosie & Raider)
                              Daisy (Taffey & Dusty)
                                                                          Daisy (ten months old)

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