2010 Training Strategies (rough draft)       started  2/5/2010
                                                        (projected start date – middle of March)

                    1) concept marking drills – singles                         5
                         note: all anti-RSG marks for Kooly
                    2) concept cold blinds                                                3
                    3) lining drills (maintenance)                                     3
                    4) OB (maintenance)                                                    4
                    5) steadying drills (review)                                         2
                    6) hunt test setups (routines)                                    2
                    7) group training (once a week – evening)            1  
                    8) training at club grounds                                        1
                    9) spring only training spots (Macktown)              1
                  10) county dog training pond                                     1
                  11) BT’s twice a week                                                   2
                  12) Square Pond three times a week                        3
                                                                                               total     28
                  13) water vs. land marks  2:3 approximate ratio       
                            (note: after water warms up)                                       
                  14) bumpers vs. birds  (birds twice a week)
                  16) sessions per day vs. per week (weather ?)
                  17) HRC hunt tests – Gunny & Daisy
18) Gunny & Daisy two sessions per day  
                  19) Kooly & Taffey train once a day & 1 day off
                                 note: Taffy = test dog (when applicable)
                  20) create flow chart to monitor balance

                                  28 “things” in seven days  = 4 per day
           (note: keep fluid and flexible depending on each dog’s needs)
                    two sessions per day & do 2 things in each session
                        What overlaps and works well in combination?
                next steps: prepare list of previous training areas & types                                        
                     of setups that work well there (drills & cold setups),
                                   develop balance monitoring plan
                                                   HRC tests in May
             Gunny has two HRC Started passes & is well into transition
                           (running cold blinds water & land last year)
                           did well on Mississippi duck hunts this season
              Daisy has one HRC Seasoned pass and her SH title in AKC 
                           did well on Mississippi duck hunts this season